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Stefanie Lubkowski

Boston, MA         

Stefanie Lubkowski’s initial compositional efforts involved developing unusual timbres on her mother’s Wurlitzer organ and independent study in her high school electronic music studio. These early explorations nurtured Stefanie’s interest in creating sound worlds guided by harmony, punctuated by melody, and inspired by literature, personal experiences, and the natural world. She went on to study Music and Technology and Guitar Performance at Connecticut College in New London, CT, and received her masters in composition from New England Conservatory where her primary teachers were Lee Hyla and Pozzi Escot.

Stefanie has written for orchestra, voice, various chamber ensembles, and electronic media. She has been commissioned by Auros Group for New Music, New Gallery Concert Series, Alea III, The Fourth Wall Ensemble, Transient Canvas, Charles River Wind Ensemble, NakedEye Ensemble, and soprano Elisabeth Halliday. Stefanie received her doctorate in composition from Boston University in 2014, where her teachers included Ketty Nez and Sam Headrick. She then taught composition and theory as visiting faculty at Brown University during the 2014-2015 academic year. Stefanie is the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Music Composition Finalist Grant for 2015. She currently serves as as Development and Publications Manager at The Boston Modern Orchestra Project and teaches composition and theory at Concord Academy.

Right now, in a second

An exploration of the tension between the moment-to-moment sensuality of sound and the forward drive of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Commissioned by Transient Canvas. Written at Avaloch Farm Music Institute, New Hampshire July, 2015 and premiered at The Record Company, Boston MA, September, 2015.

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Vassal of the Sun

Composer Stefanie Lubkowski, hybrid arts ensemble The Fourth Wall, and soprano Elisabeth Halliday gave this preview performance at the Cambridge YMCA Theater in Central Square in March 2016 at 8pm. This work for soprano, flute, bass trombone, accordion, and percussion, uses text from Moby Dick, dance, and acrobatics to explore themes of mortality, striving, and loss.

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Bliss Whispers Equilibrium Ensemble, Matt Sharrock, conductor, 10/15/15

Bliss Whispers was inspired by my fascination with the way small sounds can trigger a profound sensual response, often as part of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response phenomenon. This chamber orchestra piece juxtaposes staccato, intimately resonant, and sibilant sounds with a dramatic upward gesture sweeping through the whole ensemble, gradually forging relationships between the two. Within this sound world of contrasts, fragments of melody emerge over subtle harmonic shifts to unite the two timbral microcosms.

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