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Stephen Fandrich

Seattle, WA         

Stephen Fandrich

Fandrich, born in 1974,  is a native of Seattle Washington who graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a degree in music composition. Stephen is a composer, pianist, vocalist, improvisor, and avid gamelan composer and player. He has collaborated with imusicians such as, Peni Chandra Rini, Pauline Oleveros, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horst, Jarrad Powell, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang.

Stephen was twice named Jack Straw Foudation’s artist of the week as a solo pianist/composer and composer/performer/director of the Seattle Harmonic Voices. He was also featured five times, as a solo pianist, composer, diphonic singer, Jazz/Folk piano and free improvisor, on Sonarchy Radio,  an award winning international broadcast of a live studio performance, on Seattle’s KEXP produced by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle.

Fandrich directed for 10 years, 1999-2009, the Seattle Harmonic Voices, a vocal ensemble dedicated exclusively to diphonic singing. SHV produced several concerts and a double disc release of compositions by Fandrich for diphonic singers called Harmonic Voice released on Monktail Records (monktail.com). It is notable that he has created two works for Gamelan and diphonic singing, and is credited as being the first to accomplish this merger.

Stephen is a 14 year veteran as instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and instrument curator with Gamelan Pacifica. Fandrich composed for GP what director Jarrad Powell called the world’s first piece combining  harmonic singing and gamelan. Stephen was also honored to sing Puspawarna, a traditional Javanese vocal composition, with Jessika Kenney, for an honorary degree ceremony at the University of Washington in Seattle for UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon who was present.  He has studied and performed Balinese vocal music at the temple Taman in Ubud Bali with I Putu Sadia and studied Central Javanese vocal music in Yogyakarta with Pak Parto. While in Indonesia, he performed, for the governor of Central Java, as a guest competitor for a Javanese vocal macapat competition at the ancient Buddhist temple, Borobadur. 

Fandrich is a 12 year veteran as pianist, interpreter, improvisor and composer with the award winning Monktail Creative Music Concern (Monktail.com), a force in the Seattle improvised music scene.

Ketawang Harmonic for Gamelan and Harmonic Choir

Performed on Gamelan Pacifica’s original Just Intoned aluminum gamelan. Ketawang Harmonic is a high energy exploration of the harmonic series. The instruments themselves are tuned to specific chroma of the harmonic series and vocalists amplify harmonics of their voices. The gamelan plays interlocking melodies which are mimicked by a quartet of bi-tonal vocalists.
Recorded at London Bridge Studios, Seattle. Performed by Gamelan Pacifica and members of the Seattle Harmonic Voices: Jeppa Hall, Holly Johnson, Scott Adams, Stephen Fandrich,

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Ballade no. 2 for solo piano by Stephen Fandrich

Ballade no. 2, composed for the Seattle Pianist Collective in 2011, is an homage to Chopin’s ferocious second Ballade. It was inspired by the mythological encounter between Orpheus and Cerberus and composed as a preliminary study in writing for piano and gamelan. Its tonal palate is a bi-tonal exploration comprised of Javanese gamelan tunings Slendro and Pelog. This version was performed in June 2013 by Stephen Fandrich and recorded before a live audience at Jack Straw Productions for Sonarchy Radio produced and recorded by Doug Haire.

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Composed and arranged for the Jazz/Folk quartet the Melbatones. David Milford/violin, Stephen Fandrich/piano, Geoff Harper/bass, Greg Campbell/Percussion. Papa was performed live at Jack Straw Productions for Sonarchy Radio produced and recorded by Doug Haire.

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