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Sura Dupart

Chicago, IL      

SuRa Ramses Dupart

Native Chicagoan Sura, (Pronounced Soo-Rah), began his musical career as percussionist. His mother and sister introduced him to music at an early age. By 1963 Sura became seriously involved in music after joining the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians(AACM). Over the next three decades Sura developed his musical talents including the creative development of the "Sun Drummer", which has preformed nationally for many years. Other highlights of his career include: *Created two musical groups called the "Side Pocket" Experience" and the "Heartbeats".*Trained with Master Drummers in Africa and nationally in jazz and avant-garde musical styles.*Chicago State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Governors State University, Masters Program.*Awarded the Museum of Science and Industry’s 2012 for Best Sculpture. For 2013 awarded 2nd place best Art Work and Sculpture.

SuRa’s personal statement is

​"Before Music was used for entertainment it was used as a primary source of healing and a sublime connection to the divine. My strongest desire is to continue to perfect my art as well as my music and to become more of a spiritual link to god".

 ​As an accomplished artist working in oils, wood and metal is a part of a special exhibit at Chicago DuSable Museum and Museum Of Science and Industry. Sura is also a devoted Husband and father of Nine.

Light Henry Huff: Bright Moments with SuRa Ramses Dupart on Drums

Chicago 1989 Rehearsal with Light Henry Huff

SuRa Ramses Dupart-Percussion
Ameen Muhammed-Trumpet
Soji Adebeyo-Piano

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