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Synchromy Music

Los Angeles, CA         

Synchromy is a musician’s collective producing engaging new music events shaped and influenced by our home city of Los Angeles. We prioritize collaboration to present cutting edge music with a multi-disciplinary approach in order to highlight the art, creating an entry point that deepens the audience’s understanding of the music’s intended impact. Our directors bring a wide range of knowledge, experience, and expertise to every project we present, the end result being a profound audience and performer experience unique to Synchromy.

Synchromy creates the space needed for musicians, composers, and music-lovers to come together and experience work being written right here and right now. The individuals of Synchromy do not have a unified compositional style. We will never limit ourselves to one school of composition, or one genre, or one anything. There can never be a single Los Angeles style of music because of the stunning diversity of cultural influences and backgrounds that serve to make Los Angeles an exciting place to live. Our concerts aim to reflect the variety of musical voices sounding in this vibrant city.

This is an exciting time to be a musician in Los Angeles. A new groundswell of grass-roots performing arts organizations is slowly and with determination changing the new music scene in this city. At Synchromy, any compositional voice can find a place, and our audiences expect high quality performances and enormous creativity from their artists. We are thrilled to provide the Los Angeles community with engaging concerts featuring the music of the 21st century.

Synchromy premiere’s “Tyrant” a micro-opera by Jason V. Barabba

World premiere performance at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center. An opera by Jason Barabba, libretto based on Aesop’s “The Wolf and the Lamb” as adapted by the composer and Annie Jankowski.

Synchromy Presents Justin Aronson – The Lamb
Scott Graff – The Wolf
Rachel Beetz – Flute, Adrianne Pope – Violin, Linnea Powell – Viola, Jennifer Bewerse – Cello

Conducted by Geoffrey Pope Directed by June Carryl Video by Adam Borecki

Part of Synchromy July 2017 “DuoFest” project.

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Ian Dicke – Chapter One, Page One – Performed by Sara Andon

Sara Andon, Flute
Synchromy @ Outpost on December 2, 2015
Riverside, California

Ian Dicke’s note:
Chapter One, Page One is a celebration of Henry Miller’s unique and
often controversial literary works. Expatriating himself from the
American mainstream culture of mediocrity and resignation, Miller’s
anti-capitalist, anti-nationalist, and anti-puritan views border
somewhere between nihilism and eastern philosophy. The text used in the piece (both spoken and sung by the flautist) comes from a short excerpt of Miller’s landmark Tropic of Cancer:

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