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Tani Taormina

New York, NY            


Tani was born in Palermo, Italy. At the age of 16, he and his family moved to the United States. Since early childhood, Tani has always been attracted to poetic thought, a fascination that has grown with his interest in music.

Tani began to pursue music in 1991. The early ‘90s marked a time of learning and experimentation for the musician. From 1992 to 1994, Tani took his first singing lessons and studied guitar. The following year, Tani taped various “demos” and performed at various Greenwich Village venues. Many of his pieces received acclaim from local critics, including “An Unusual Stranger in a Strange Place,” “Face in the Dark,” a piece inspired by the death of a close friend’s father and “Incomincia la Festa (The party begins), a song of a journey during sleep.

From 1997 on, Tani concentrated mainly on composition. In December of 1999, he encountered David Jones, a teacher of “bel canto,” the Italian 19th-century lyrical style. This meeting marked an important step in the development of Tani’s voice. That same year, he began to rehearse his first single, “Io E il Presente (The Present and I)”.
He also established his own record company, Harmony Tales Music. In February 2001 Tani dabbled with theater. He performed at Lincoln Center in “America! America!”. In July 2003, Tani released his second CD, entitled “Che Cosa sta Accadendo (What’s happening)”. 

Recently, a deeper vision and understanding of social and religious issues has led the singer to express the problems that afflict the world through poetic language and music.
In August 2010 Tani released his third CD entitled Fragment of Your Love, The album comprised four songs, “Young Mary”, “Fragment of Your Love”, “Feeling the Rain” and “Heart Pierced with Pain”. In July 2017 Tani released his fourth album entitled “World Salvation” The CD was arranged and produced by Tani. 

In August 2020 Tani will release his fifth record named “Life Without Destiny”.

TANI – CD World Salvation – Introduction to the album

TANI – CD World Salvation – Introduction to the album

01) I Am Not Alone
02) Lay Down Your Arms on Him
03) L’Ultima Lettera di Cristo
04) All That I Want
05) Life in Prayer
06) God Loves You
07) Loneliness
08) Papa Francesco
09) The Poverty of All
10) World Salvation
11) A Wonderful End
Released on July 4th 2017
Written and Produced by Tani Taormina
Copyright 2017 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

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