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Taylor Rambo

Coral Gables, FL         

Taylor Rambo is a musician, photographer, and serial collaborator who is currently pursuing a Master of the Arts in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management (AP Live) at the Frost School of Music. Using his talents in marketing, music, photography, videography and graphic design, he works closely with musicians on the forefront of innovative classical performance developing narratives to attract wider audiences.

At the age of 7, Taylor began his musical training with piano and choir. By age 18, his abilities extended to trumpet and crossed genres including jazz, classical and contemporary. While pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries (MBEI) at Frost, he performed with numerous university ensembles, including the Frost Band of the Hour marching band (Drum Major/trumpet), Frost Symphonic Choir, Frost Chamber Singers, the BisCaydence a cappella group, and Frost Symphonic Winds (piano). In addition to his ensemble work, he performed as a collaborative pianist with soloists spanning many genres, from modern classical saxophone music to musical theatre repertoire.

From the music business perspective of his degree, Taylor developed knowledge in marketing, promotions, and arts management through a wide exploration of the various aspects of the music industry. Coupled with internships ranging from Alternative radio promotion to Baroque orchestra management, his focus narrowed to aspects of the industry associated with live music management and led to his current graduate program of study. Beginning with the desire to promote his musical friends after high school, Taylor began to engage his hobby interests in video creation, photography, and graphic design more seriously, developing a skill set over time that he continues to hone through working with performing musicians on promotional and archival recording.

What is Frost Plays? An Introduction to Frost Plays: Video Game Music

The Frost School of Music’s Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra performs “Frost Plays: Video Game Music” in collaboration with the Frost Concert Jazz Band, Frost Jazz Vocal 1 Ensemble and Extensions, On April 11, 2015. This concert features music from the history of video games ranging from Super Mario, Pong, and Final Fantasy to BioShock, Halo, Warcraft and many more, with arrangements by students and faculty. Guest video game composers from the industry will be joining us for this exciting concert experience!

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2015 Resume, Taylor Rambo

2015 New American Voices Interview

An interview with Tony Boutté, Founder and Artistic Director of New American Voices, featuring a few excerpts from the concerts. This video is part of the New Music USA Spring 2015 grant application for New American Voices.

Edited and filmed by Taylor Rambo.

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