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Tenth Intervention

New York City, NY            

Tenth Intervention is equal parts music series and artist collective in New York City. As “ambassadors of modern music” (Interlochen Public Radio), we present a bold and progressive concert series that explores the intersection of performance, experiential art, and its potential to reflect social issues.
Founded in 2012 by violinist Hajnal Pivnick and composer/pianist Dorian Wallace, the group formed with the purpose of creating new work in a highly collaborative environment. Together with composers, musicians, visual artists, choreographers, dancers, and community organizations, Tenth Intervention has produced programs that expand the reach of music to be pioneering, diverse, and community focused.

Our programming has been recognized with foundational support from the Lower Manhattan Community Council, New Music USA, the Earle Brown Music Foundation, the Johnstone Fund for New Music, and the Puffin Foundation. We have been presented as featured artists at National Sawdust, NPR’s Science Friday, Rubin Museum of Art, Americas Society, Caveat, New Music Gathering, Interlochen Public Radio’s In Studio A, Biome Arts/Swale, Bandits-Mages, Centre Pompidou, the Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR, Studio 360, Vox Hebraica and Videology for our Silent House live score to silent film residency.

Tenth Intervention |

“We Are Legion: I. We Are Anonymous”
written by Dorian Wallace
performed by
Tenth Intervention
choreography by Jennifer McQuiston
video by content.io

“We Are Anonymous” is the first movement of the immersive chamber ballet work “We Are Legion,” inspired by the hacktivist collective, Anonymous

Represented at the core of this work is Anonymous’ mission to uphold freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Anonymous actively fights against corporate, civic, and religious extremism and oppression.

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“Thresholds” by David Bird

written by David Bird
National Sawdust – May 5, 2017

Performed by Tenth Intervention:
Hajnal Pivnick, violin
Hannah Levinson, viola
Alexandra Jones, cello
Ellery Trafford, percussion
Taylor Brook, conductor

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“Tame Your Man” by Nathan Hall

“Tame Your Man” is a ‘living music sculpture’, a theatrical work composed for piano, rope bondage artist, narrator, and electronics. Throughout the work, the pianist gets progressively more bound to his instrument, and the piano writing purposefully reduces the range of motion of the hands on the keyboard. This is a showcase performance at the New Music Gathering held at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD on January 8, 2016 with Tenth Intervention artists Adam Tendler, piano and Jack Parton, bondage artist.

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