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The Baker-Barganier Duo

St. Petersburg, FL            

The Baker-Barganier Duo formed in September 2016 when multi-instrumentalist Erich Barganier joined forces with New Renaissance artist Elizabeth A. Baker to create a duo that combines spectral sonic landscapes, motion and visual art. Fusing toy piano, mandolin, experimental electronics, kinetic motion and more together, the ensemble explores original sonic landscapes and blurs the boundaries of experimental, classical and progressive music to create a unique experience. Bao Le-Huu hailed their music as “studies in tension, accord and modernity.”

Their first album, …and darkness was upon the face of the deep weaves African-American slave songs, critiques of the American penal system and ruminations of technological dependence together into a continuously shifting soundscape. Timbres meld together, pushing ambiance into driving rhythms into spectral cacophony and back again.

My Father, How Long?

Written and performed by the Baker-Barganier Duo

Based on the traditional slave song, “My Father How Long.”

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