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ChristinaNoel & The Creature

Brooklyn, NY      

ChristinaNoel & The Creature:

Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are the pairing of a spirited choreographer (ChristinaNoel Reaves) and a team of highly invested, excited collaborators (the Creature). Together, we venture into minimally charted realms of dance and sound, exploring emotional and physical extremes in an effort to illuminate that gray area of human idiosyncrasy in the middle. With this hybrid performance medium, thick with visual and aural textures, we hope to unclog filters of perception, rinse away layers of expectation and lead viewers into a new experience.   We look forward to sharing our passion and vision with you. 


ChristinaNoel & The Creature ChristinaNoel & The Creature, a 15 member Brooklyn-based company of dancers, musicians and visual artists, creating socially conscious theater utilizing the dancers’ voices, bodies, and words. The audience is enveloped in a multi-textured environment generated from human connections and encounters.

Company History:

ChristinaNoel & The Creature debuted in New York City in 2012. Prior to this premier ChristinaNoel Reaves was actively presenting choreography since 2006 as an independent artist. Since 2012 The Creature has presented work at The Irondale Theater, Teatro LaTEA, Triskelion Arts, Dance Theater of Ireland, Shawbrook School Ireland, the Bessie Workshop, the DanceNOW Festival Joe’s PUB, LaMama Theater, The Tank, Legros Women in Dance Studio Series, Fete de L’Hurricaine Festival, DanceNOW Raw Festival, Dixon Placeʼs Crossing Boundaries Festivals, and The Hoover Dam Collective Performances. ChristinaNoel originated “Rapture Of The Heroine (guurrrl)” on Zoetic Dance Ensemble of Atlanta in 2012/2013. 2013 brought The Creature’s inaugural independent concert followed by a successful sophomore season at The Irondale Theater in May 2014.

The Creature is comprised of versatile dancers, administrators, and technical, musical, and visual artists. Since it’s inception The Creature has maintained a fortuitous collaboration with visual/media artist Aeric Meredith-Goujon who participates actively in the creative process. It is this colboration for which we are requesting funding.  Aeric is also a talented musician and we will collaborate with him musically as well as visaully this year! So we write for compensation for his work and for his final creation and performance of this musical creation. 

All the artists of The Creature are breathtakingly dedicated to the joys of fearless creation and expression through dance performance and education.

new videos with Aeric. Password:

This video is an example of the new collaboration that we are submitting for this grant. This video shows Aeric’s composition based on his own music and the music of The Creature dancers. This year we will construct an entirely new work with Aeric composing all of the music with myself and The Creature dancers. We will collaborate in rehearsals and he will build the composition with us and together we will create a powerful performance with explosive dancing, driving rhythms, piercing choral harmonies, and dynamic aural textures!

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‘Murica excerpt

May 21-23, 2014
60 minutes
8 dancers
Venue: The Irondale Theater – Fort Greene, Brooklyn NY
There are rules to this game. All rules must be obeyed at all times.
When molecules collide, worlds are created. Ensembles form and break down; dissimilar bodies, cultures, and human opinions crash, spinning off into glimpses of community and the play of power amongst such diversity. Scenes jump from humor to confusion, violence to serenity. What happens to such communities, as leaders emerge?
Decision becomes the ultimate power.

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Rapture of The Heroine (guurrrl) – excerpts

Rapture is a 4-5 woman dance theater piece and an homage to female camaraderie and the power of an individualʼs resilience and determination; especially when feeling the support of friends. Rapture was originally choreographed on Zoetic Dance Ensemble of Atlanta and is loosely based on ChristinaNoelʼs personal experience with this dance company over the past 10 years. Using comedy and tragedy expressed through the body and the voice, the women reflect their personal relationship with identity and definitions of heroism.

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