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The Industry

Los Angeles, CA            

About Us

 The Industry is an independent, artist-driven company creating experimental productions that expand the definition of opera. In just a few short years, The Industry has been praised for “quickly and dramatically making itself an essential component in American opera” (Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times) and “turning opera into an LA indie hipster’s paradise” (Shana Dambrot, LA Weekly). 

Our Story

Founded by Artistic Director Yuval Sharon, The Industry burst onto the creative scene with the 2012 premiere of CRESCENT CITY, a large-scale, interdisciplinary opera by Anne LeBaron and Douglas Kearney. Opening to rave reviews, the production’s striking intersection of visual artistry and musical ingenuity firmly established The Industry as an innovative force in American opera.

Since then, The Industry has grown through interdisciplinary collaborations with organizations such as the LA Phil, Hammer Museum, SCI-Arc, LA Dance Project and others. The Industry has premiered critically acclaimed large-scale productions every other year:

INVISIBLE CITIES (2013) an operatic adaptation of Italo Calvino’s novel, composed by Christopher Cerrone. Staged in the spectacular public areas of Los Angeles Union Station, the opera was produced for wireless headphones and marked significant collaborations with L.A. Dance Project and Sennheiser.

HOPSCOTCH (2015) with music by Veronika Krausas, Marc Lowenstein, Andrew McIntosh, Andrew Norman, Ellen Reid, and David Rosenboom, which unfolded in 24 cars zigzagging throughout LA. In this unprecedented city-wide event, six composer-librettist teams collaborated with over 120 musicians, singers, designers, and dancers on a world premiere opera. Audiences experienced the work in both the intimacy of a car, where artists and audiences shared a confined space, or for free in the Central Hub, a temporary space where all the journeys were streamed live, creating a dizzying panorama of life in LA.

WAR OF THE WORLDS (2017) This large-scale, citywide collaborative performance experience was a powerful engagement with public life–bringing opera out of the concert hall and into the streets. Three defunct air raid sirens located in downtown LA were re-purposed into public speakers to broadcast a live performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall. The notorious 1938 radio drama created by Orson Welles came to new life with music by Annie Gosfield, directed by The Industry’s Yuval Sharon, conducted by Christopher Rountree and narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

SWEET LAND (2020) The Industry’s next major independent production, brings together two composer/librettist teams—Du Yun and Raven Chacon, Douglas Kearney and Aja Couchois Duncan—to create a multiperspectival opera exploring the grotesque myths of American identity, co-directed by Cannupa Hanska Luger and Yuval Sharon.

We also present smaller-scale yet artistically ambitious programs featuring American composers, instrumentalists and singers: First Take, a biennial workshop of six new operas-in-progress; Second Take, a full concert commission and workshop from a First Take composer; Highway One, a performance series dedicated to California’s countercultural history; and LAB, a platform for experiments in collaborative processes. We also present concert workshops, like GALILEO, which received support from New Music USA. Our independent recording label, The Industry Records, expands the reach of our projects and other new, experimental American operas through high-quality recordings.

For the three years, Artistic Director Yuval Sharon served as the LA Phil’s Artist-Collaborator with collaborations including NIMBUS; YOUNG CAESAR, Lou Harrison’s sublime and sinuous depiction of Caesar’s love for another man, and John Cage’s EUROPERAS 1 & 2.  


Excerpts from INVISIBLE CITIES at Union Station, Los Angeles.
0:00-3:00 Scene 3 “Language” and 3:00-10:00pm Scene 7 “Epilogue”

Music and libretto by Christopher Cerrone, Choreography by Danielle Agami and the L.A. Dance Project, Directed by Yuval Sharon

October – November, 2013

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Hopscotch, a citywide performance, took place in 24 cars and at public sites through Los Angeles. Conceived and directed by Yuval Sharon and produced by The Industry, Hopscotch was a large-scale collaborative project with six composers, six librettists and over 120 artists and performers.

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Sweet Land

The Arrivals wash up on the shore. They make contact with another civilization they call “the Hosts.” And from there, the story splinters, following diverging perspectives. Starting as a procession through the LA State Historic Park, Sweet Land becomes an opera that erases itself.

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