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Third Angle New Music

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The music of our time creates a soundtrack to contemporary life, existing at the intersection of musical forms from jazz and classical to rock and electronica. For more than 30 years, Third Angle New Music has played outside the lines of the expected with the creation of dynamic musical performances and multi-disciplinary collaborations that defy the boundaries of the traditional concert hall and reflect the spirit and vitality of our community.

Third Angle’s mission is to perform and record the masterworks of the twenty-first century while commissioning new works from regional and nationally recognized composers. Its bold and innovative programming, high artistic standards, and tireless efforts to bring music of the 20th and 21st centuries to a diverse audience have earned it abundant critical acclaim.

With the organization’s focus on creating a soundtrack for our time, Third Angle has created and presented more than 125 programs of contemporary music, commissioned more than 66 new works, and released 12 recordings to critical acclaim. Sound of the Five: the chamber music of Chen Yi, was named a top 10 recording for 2009 by National Public Radio.

Third Angle’s roguish programming crafts experiences that are mind-altering by design, including concerts created to work in harmony or dissonance with their environment, wildly divergent repertoire, and a blending of the arts that redefines the genre. At a Third Angle performance, you never know quite what will happen next, but one thing is certain:

Third Angle New Music is anything but ordinary.

Quartet – I. It Doesn’t Groove by Evan Kuhlmann

This piece was commissioned by Third Angle New Music in 2015 and premiere on the Third Angle Studio Series at a concert called The Mind of Evan in 2016. This is movement one from the Quartet and is written for bassoon, vibraphone, bass and drum set.

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Angeles arr. Ted Hearne from A Fond Farewell based on the music of Elliott Smith

In April 2018, Third Angle and Hand2Mouth Theatre co-created A Fond Farewell, a semi-staged, through-composed work reimagining the music of Portland singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Third Angle commissioned Robert Honstein, Chris Cerrone, Jacob Cooper, LJ White, Scott Wollschleger, and Ted Hearne to reinvent Smith’s works in an hour-long show for 4 instrumentalists and 4 vocalists, including 2 opera and 2 rock artists. The show blended elements of both musical worlds. This piece is by Ted Hearne and performed by Third Angle New Music.

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Honk If You Love Me (2018) by Nina Shekhar

Excerpt for clarinet, electronics and dance. Commissioned by Third Angle New Music.

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