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Timothy Cramer


Timothy has been involved in the architectural as well as exhibit design fields where he creates interactive music and educational exhibits for several Northeast museums and historical institutions. Apprenticing at Grampa Studios in the mid 1980’s, Tim learned 8 & 16 track Tape recording & razor editing. Veering from the design world to focus on audio work, he formed Maelstrom Music in 1995, a multi-disciplinary audio facility specializing in sound design, film mixing, Voice Over & ADR recording, composition & production for film, radio, multimedia, museum exhibitions, theater & dance.  Operating out of a state of the art Pro Tools recording facility in SOHO he offers sound design, audio editing & voice over capabilities. He continues to create audio environments for museum exhibits, mixing and mastering music for independent artists and film video productions. With a huge collection of Sound effect libraries, as well as mobile recording, and hardware effects processors, we have the capability of delivering almost any sound imaginable.

The Whompom

Martin and I collaborated on a series of Silly Songs for youths. His poems inspired me to create the vocal expressions you hear now in the background.

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About a lost love I never knew I had.

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