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Timothy Ernest Johnson

Chicago, IL      

Composer Timothy Ernest Johnson is known for music that integrates disparate materials into a multiplicity of expressive dimensions, most recently in a series of works partially based on historical chess games. His large ensemble work Kasparov vs Deep Blue was a finalist in the 2008 Alea III competition and Morphy vs Brunswick and Isouard won the 2004 University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra prize. His co-commissioned electronic work Tensile Strength received a prize in the 2008 International Electroacoustic Music Competition “Musica Nova” in the Czech Republic, and has been featured on two recordings. Johnson has had numerous other works performed in his native Chicago and abroad, and remains active as a classical guitarist, with recent recitals in South Korea and Chicago. As a theorist, Dr. Johnson’s most recent presentation was a 2013 guest lecture at the University of Illinois entitled “Ben Johnston’s Compositional World: 13-limit Extended Just Intonation.”