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Timucua Arts Foundation


The mission of the Timucua Arts Foundation is to present and inspire great music and art in Central Florida through performance and education.

We have presented over 800 concerts, premiered thousands of new works, and are still going strong after 16 years. 

Almost every week we host a free concert at Timucua, our living-room-concert-hall. Musicians and visual artists perform concerts that are livestreamed and recorded, with a high quality audio and video recording given to every performer free of charge.

This year we launched Works with Sounds, a music composition class that is free and open to all ages and skill levels and meets at the Downtown Orlando branch of the Orange County Public Library.

We also foster three constituent presenting organizations: Accidental Music Festival, Central Florida Composers Forum, and the Civic Minded 5. Taken as a whole, Timucua is the premier presenter of contemporary classical and jazz music in Central Florida by international and local artists.

An introduction to our venue and foundation.

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