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tom peters

Altadena, CA         

Tom Peters is a composer and GRAMMY® nominated performer who specializes in creating music for silent films, performing original scores through interactive electronics and synchronized electronic soundscapes. In April 2013, he premiered his original score to the 1927 silent classic The Passion of Joan of Arc—his ninth filmat the Toronto Silent Film Festival with Joelle Morton on tenor viol. The score was featured in a radio broadcast over the CBC.His latest score to John Ford’s classic western The Iron Horse (1924) will be premiered at The Autry National Center in Los Angeles in March 2015.

Tom’s 2014 GRAMMY® nominated recording of John Cage’s The Ten Thousand Things on the MicroFest label with acclaimed pianists Aron Kallay and Vicki Ray, legendary percussionist William Winant, and a recently discovered recording of John Cage himself performing 45’ for a Speaker was the first American recording of this seminal work.

Tom is also a prolific writer and is the Aspie of The Aspie and the NT. This blog, written together with his wife Linda, documents his life on the autism spectrum as someone diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and its effect on their relationship.

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

This is a promotion video for my score to 1919 horror classic, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. This was recorded live at Art Share LA in October 2013. The instruments–ukulele, banjo and bass–were prerecorded and synced to the film. The melodic line was played live by the composer on an NS Design EU6, a six-string bowed electric instrument with a 5-octave range.

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This is a clip from my score to the classic horror film “Nosferatu” (1922). It was recorded live at the Wayward Chapel in Seattle, Washington in June 2013. The bowed, six-string EU6 is the only live instrument. The rest follow a computer timeline that is synced with the film.

The NS Design EU6, a bowed six-string electric instrument that covers a 5-octave range, plays the melodic line. This way, I can perform very dense scores with a self-contained rig.

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The Insects’ Christmas

Russian animation pioneer Ladislaw Starewizc’s “The Insects’ Christmas” (1913) is one of the earliest examples of stop-motion animation. The score was created using an overlay of ukulele, drum and a bowed, processed NS Design EU6. The music incorporates a combination of traditional carols and original music. This was a holiday video card my wife and I sent out in 2012.

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