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Trevor Reed

Hotevilla, AZ   

Trevor Reed (Hopi/Kickapoo) calls both Seattle, Washington and the Hopi village of Hotevilla home. Constantly crossing cultural boundaries as a youth, Reed became interested in a wide variety of musics as a youth, performing as a bassist in Nirvana-inspired garage bands as well as the Seattle Youth Symphony while also being actively engaged by indigenous musics from his community. Reed studied music composition at Brigham Young University before joining the Utah Symphony as artistic and operations coordinator. In 2010, Reed graduated from Columbia University’s Arts Administration masters program, and later joined the music department where he holds the position of Faculty Fellow in its doctoral program.

Reed is the winner of the Vera Hinckley Mayhew Composition Prize and received the Lynn Ryer Award for Tribal Community Development. His musical endeavors have received grants and fellowships from the Ford Foundation, the First Nations Composer Initiative and the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration. Since 2011, Reed has been a composer-in-residence for the Native American Composer Apprentice Project–winner of the President Obama’s Council on the Arts and Humanities Youth Award–which provides mentoring in music composition for Native American youth. Performances of Reed’s work during 2012-2013 include the Central Ohio Symphony, University of Wisconsin-Plattville, and the Chickasaw Chamber Music Festival.

Reed is also the director of the Hopi Music Repatriation Project, which works to return Hopi music and other cultural properties from universities, mueseums and other archives back to the Hopi people.

The Plaza of the Ancient Village (Score)

Ballet for Orchestra. The piece tells the story of a young boy who wanted to become a kachina. When a cast-out relative grants his wish through her dark magic, the boy runs to the plaza to dance, but eventually looses strength and falls to the ground lifeless. An eagle flying overhead takes pity on him, dropping a single feather on him. He is suddenly transformed into an eagle and flies off to the horizon.

Commissioned by the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration.

Rain Clouds from Three Canvases

Chamber work for Soprano, Bassoon and Piano.

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The Tale of Miss Moppet

Children’s Opera version of the folktale by Beatrix Potter. Performed by Ensemble Aleph.

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