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Cherry Valley Artworks

Cherry Valley, NY      

Cherry Valley Artworks was founded to promote the art, culture and rich history of Cherry Valley and the surrounding area, to provide a forum for artists and others interested in the arts and to demonstrate how the arts can contribute to a vital community. Artworks is committed to encouraging and nurturing the creativity and talent in our own community, to expanding interest and knowledge of the arts through exposure to quality programming, and to finding common ground in the revitalizing energy of the arts. 

Since beginning the revitalization of The Star Theater, once the center of the community life of a small town,  Artworks has presented chamber concerts by the world-class musicians of the Glimmerglass Festival Orchestra, jazz concerts featuring upcoming artists such as Montreal based Brahja Waldman Quintet, New Orleans bluesman Luke Winslow King, new Decca recording artists Twin Danger and many more. 

We are particularly proud of bringing cutting edge music, dance and mixed media performance as well as various underrepresented ethnic musical styles to our area.