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Vlada Tomova

Brooklyn, NY      

Bulgarian-born, New York-based Vlada Tomova is the founder and leader of Yasna Voices, New York’s Bulgarian Women’s Choir. She is the principal synthesizer behind several musical troupes – Bulgarian Voices Trio, Balkan Tales, Songs of the Spice Road and The Lazarus Rose – that interweave ethnic music traditions within a twenty first century context. Vlada’s numerous appearances include Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival (New York), Carnegie’s Zankel Hall (New York), Symphony Space (New York), The Montreal International Jazz Festival, Chicago World Music Festival, Toronto’s SmallWorld Festival, Cumbre Tajin festival (Veracruz, Mexico), and The National Palace of Culture (Sofia, Bulgaria). Tomova collaborates on interdisciplinary projects, and is a guest vocalist in demand in the world music, film, and theatre communities. Her lead singing in “Bulgarian Chicks” song continues to mesmerize audiences and win acclaim with the internationally celebrated Balkan Beat Box.

“One of the most exciting voices in the New York global music scene”
- World Music Central

“Phenomenal acrobatic vocalizations of every last voice, song, snort, and alarm bell."
- Boston Globe

"Local Folkstress Vlada Tomova…speaks directly to the pleasure principle." – Time Out NY

Vlada Tomova’s Bulgarian Voices Trio:

Bulgarian vocalist Vlada Tomova is joined by Valentina Kvasova (Russia) and Shelley Thomas (US) for this a cappella Bulgarian folk song. Performed at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, NYC, March 22, 2012. Video by Chris Rael.

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The Lazarus Rose at Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Festival, 2011

Chris Rael’s new global music ensemble performs ancient Sephardic songs in the BAMcafe Live All Stars Series celebrating the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 150th anniversary. These songs in Ladino, Hebrew and Turkish are performed on sitar, guitarra Portugese & 12-string (Chris Rael), tabla & dhol (Deep Singh), world hand percussion (Nacho Arimany), bassoon (Claire deBrunner), violin (Rima Fand), bass & djembe (Marlon Cherry). Lead vocals by Rael and Bulgarian vocal sorceress Vlada Tomova. Video by Steve Zehentner & Jasmine Hirst.

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Vlada Tomova’s Balkan Tales: live at Chicago World Music Festival

Excerpts from Vlada Tomova’s Balkan Tales performing live at the Chicago World Music Festival, September 23-24, 2009. Vlada Tomova voice, Mathias Kunzli percussion, Uri Sharlin accordion, Kyle Sanna guitar, Mike Savino bass, Harvey Valdes oud. Video by Chris Rael.

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