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New York, NY         

WILLIAM HOOKER 444 West 52nd Street New York, New York 10019 212, 582-0513   williamhooker98@gmail.com  


“William Hooker is an artistic whole, a vast circle of vision and execution. A body of uninterrupted work beginning in the mid-seventies defines him as one of the most important composers and players in jazz. As bandleader, Hooker has fielded ensembles in an incredibly diverse array of configurations. Each collaboration has brought a serious investigation of his compositional agenda and the science of the modern drum kit. As a player, Hooker has long been known for the persuasive power of his relationship with his instrument. His work is frequently grounded in a narrative context. Whether set against a silent film or anchored by a poetic theme, Hooker brings dramatic tension and human warmth to avant-garde jazz. His ability to find fertile ground for moving music in a variety of settings that obliterate genre distinctions offers a much-needed statement of social optimism in the arts. A disciplined, adaptive, and energetic approach to his medium insures that the oeuvre of William Hooker will continue to grow thicker and richer.”

 Accompanying musicians have included:Billy Bang, Thurston Moore, Jason Hwang, David Murray, David S. Ware, William Parker,Mark Ribot, Eyvind Kang, DJ Olive, Elliot Sharpe, Zeena Parkins, Ted Daniel, Lee Ranaldo, DJ Spooky, Rob Brown, Roy Campbell, Mark Hennen, Steven Bernstein, Roy Nathanson, Glenn Spearman  and many more.  


“One is totally engulfed in the experience of “Channels of Consciousness.” This flawlessly executed performance and ultimately the CD that was created from it can only be described as a work of art. William Hooker is a gifted and extraordinary musician,composer and poet.”  Jazz Inside 


Aria – William Hooker (Mulatta)- 2017

William Hooker – LIGHT : The early years (1975-1988)..a 4 CD Box set (NoBusiness) with book by                                            Thomas Stanley, 2016…*Voted one of the Best of the Year.

Channels of Consciousness  William Hooker Quintet (NoBusiness Records) 2013                                                                              w/Adam Lane,Mark Smith,Dave Ross,Chris DiMeglio

Postcard from the Road       William Hooker Trio-New Atlantis ,2012 w/Ed Rickart/Dave Ross

Crossing  Points                     William Hooker w/ Thomas Chapin-No Business Records

Yearn For Certainty             William Hooker Trio w/David Soldier/Sabir Mateen – Engine Records

Earth’s Orbit                         William Hooker Ensemble w/Darius Jones/Adam Lane/Damon                                                           Smith/Weasel Walter/Aaron Bennett – No Business Records 

The Season’s Fire                  William Hooker Trio/Bill Horist/Eyvind Kang – Important Records 

Dharma                                  WilliamHooker Duet/Sabir Mateen – KMB Jazz  

The Celestial Answer            William Hooker/Lee Ranaldo – Table of Elements 

The Gift                                 William Hooker/Roy Campbell/Jason Hwang – bmadish records 


NY State Council on the Arts (various commissions)-including Evidence(the baldwin suite) , The Kennedy Center-Washington, DC , Real Art Ways, Hartford, Ct. (various commissions) NY Public Library (various commissions) The Alternative Museum, NYC Fordham, Columbia, Hunter, New York University, Boston University, Swarthmore, et al (various commissions and festivals) & others   SELECTED PERFORMANCES:   David Rubenstein Atrium/Lincoln Center,Brooklyn Academy of Music, Yoshi”s(SF),Issue Project Room, Roulette, Vancouver Jazz Festival,Vision Festivals, Rhythm in the Kitchen Music Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, Lincoln Center, Victoriaville Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, The Walker Art Center, Queen Elizabeth Hall(London), Statgarden(Koln), Hayward Gallery, Wadsworth Atheneum, Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour (Germany), CBGB’S, Real Art Ways, MTV, Middle East-Boston, SLIM’S, Spaceland, Experimenta Argentina, CMJ Music Festivals, Knitting Factory    http://www.cadencejazzmagazine.com/membersonly/admin/assets/CadenceOctober2013single.pdf  


William Hooker / At-One-Ment – Live at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC

The William Hooker Trio Live at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC . This piece for music and poetry is entitled “At-One-Ment.”

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William Hooker – “Living Organs “

William Hooker Trio with Glenn Spearman and DJ Olive , on Knitting Factory Records entitled “Mindfulness.”.

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