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Yafonne Chen

San Francisco, CA      

Yafonne Chen has been mapping the trans-Pacific terrain of Chinese and American cultures for over 20 years. Born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Yafonne specializes in performing arts consulting and cultural translation services for cross-cultural partnerships and international arts projects from San Francisco to Beijing. Aside from spearheading global music projects and cultural arts exchanges in China and Taiwan, the Xi Pei Kun Immigrant Masters Initiative in the SF Bay Area, plus nonprofit arts management, development, and PR communications for SF World Music, Yafonne is also a former classical Chinese dancer and dance critic who studied wushu under Grandmaster Zhang Ling Mei. From 1998 to 2004, she worked as Contributing Writer and Arts Critic for Asian Week, and from 2002-2006, she served as Editor in Chief for IN DANCE newspaper at Dancers’ Group in San Francisco. She served on the Selection Committee for the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards from 1999-2000. Yafonne graduated from Stanford University in 1995 with B.A. in English Literature with Honors in Humanities.

The Sun Archer: The Legend of Hou Yi (2016)

San Francisco, CA — Long, long ago… Chinese hero HOU YI (后羿) saved the earth from scorching by shooting down nine suns out of the sky with his bow and arrow. This famous
Chinese legend (后羿射日) is where our story begins… THE SUN ARCHER, a new production by Michael J. Santoro, is a full-length global Chinese Opera at the intersection of culture, technology, and social justice, currently set to debut in 2017 in San Francisco and in 2018 in Taipei.