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Zac Bru

Detroit, MI            

Zac Bru is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and sonic proselytizer. As head of the Detroit Bureau of Sound, Zac Bru uses experimental music to create multisensory experiences, one of which was described as “sounding as raw as mating bull elephants” (Lansing City Pulse on “X is for Xenakis”, 2013). He has brought two productions to Red Bull Arts Detroit (John Cage Rave, and Rejecting Reality) and has appeared at the Detroit Institute of Arts with curated programs of percussion music alongside featured artists from Ghostly International (Matthew Dear and Shigeto). In the summer of 2019, Detroit Bureau of Sound is featuring a light-and-sound installation at the Michigan Science Center as part of Science Gallery Lab Detroit’s DEPTH exhibition about water.

Ancient/Urban Xenakis Concert – Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Iannis Xenakis, one of the most highly regarded post- war avant garde composers, created challenging electronic and acoustic music using mathematical formulas and architectural principles. Percussion artist Zac Brunell presents a program that combines acoustic percussion pieces by Xenakis with a sample of electronic presentations of seminal musique concrete compositions, exploring the sonic mathematics of physics and nature. The centerpiece of the performance will be Bohor, an electronic piece for octophonic sound, and Xenakis’s first large…

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John Cage “Child of Tree” and Alastair Reed “The O Filler”

Zac Brunell
Recorded Live on a dang cactus @ Spread Art Detroit
Rec. engineer: Shiva Tutounski

January 26, 2017 – for SOLACE SESSIONS 1
Presented by Detroit Bureau of Sound

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YAK performance at Strange Beautiful Music 10 – Sept 2017

Recorded by Sly Pup Productions at Trinosophes, September 22, 2017

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