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3 Singers

An interactive technopera for 3 singers, 3 singer sewing machines, and multi-media installation.

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A Successful 2 weekends and Sold Out Shows!!

Posted on February 17, 2015 by ryan ingebritsen
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3 Singers Premiers in Chicago Thursday January 22nd!

Posted on January 21, 2015 by ryan ingebritsen

The United States premier of 3 Singers is happening TOMORROW!  January 22nd 2015 at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago’s east loop.  The performance will run 2 weekends:

Jan 22-24th at 7:30 pm and the 25th at 3 pm

January 29-31st at 7:30 pm and February 1st at 3 pm

Tickets are $20 general admission and $15 for students. 

and can be purchased at http://www.ericamott.com 

more info is available at http://facebook.com/3Singers.  Follow the twitter feed @3Singers and #3Singers.




Composer Ryan Ingebritsen, choreographer and theater director Erica Mott, video artist John Boesche, experimental vocal performer Fides Krucker, Architectural Designer Leigh Breslow, and dance dramaturg Ginger Farley are engaging in research and development of an immersive sound and performance installation: A contemporary techno-opera, entitled 3 Singer Opera. Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, is acting as the primary commissioner for the project with a European premiere scheduled for November of 2014 through the support of the Tadeusz Kantor Museum (Cricoteka) in Krakow, Poland and a Chicago Premier in January of 2015.  Other partner institutions include the Logan Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Chicago, the Segal Design institute at Northwestern University, the National Museum of Health and Medicine, Chicago, and the interactive computing department at the University of Illinois Chicago.

For the past 5 years, Erica Mott and Ryan Ingebritsen have worked to create an integrated sonic and movement language utilizing technology to connect performer and audience through an immersive sensory experience. What has emerged is an inter-dependent performance practice at the intersection of object manipulation, movement and sound art. This means that musical and movement gestures are developed in tandem rather than isolation. The movement language may affect the sound score directly transforming the performer into musician and the composer into choreographer, thus opening new and more deeply integrated avenues of artistic expression.

3 Singer Opera is a deep investigation and expansion of the techniques unearthed through this interdependency model. The performers embody humanity’s ongoing technical evolution by becoming singular large scale audio visual instruments sometimes working in harmony and at other times falling out of sync or growing out of control.  They simultaneously embody workers from different time periods by taking a journey that melds symbols, sights and sounds from various eras of history focusing on pre-civil war slave era workers, Central European immigrants during the industrial revolution, and modern electronics sweat shop workers, particularly those in China.  Choreography is being developed based upon the collision of culturally identifiable folk dances, the organic movement of traditional (non-mechanized) labor, and industrial labor actions in relationship to machinery.


Project Media

Victory Project Sample Reel
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This is a series of video excerpts form the Victory Project as shot at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. It is a demonstration of work done by 3 of the main collaborators (Ryan Ingebritsen, Erica Mott, and John Boesche) and displays a few of the different interactions between sound and video as dictated by the movement on stage. Erica Mott and Ryan Ingebritsen were also the main performers in this version of The Victory project. This version has toured to New York at Roulette and Europe in addition to Cleveland and Chicago.

3Singers Behind the Scenes
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This is a short behind the scenes look at the process of creating both the performance and installation elements of the 3 Singer Opera during our technical residency at University of Illinois Chicago.

3 Singers Technical Residency Sample Reel
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A short Collage of excerpts from the 3 Singer Opera in a run through with a small invited audience at UIC’s black box theater.

Start and End Dates



Chiago, Illinois

2 updates
Last update on February 17, 2015

Project Created By

Chicago, Illinois
Composer, sound designer, and electronic performer Ryan Ingebritsen’s music and sound art focus on the multi-dimensional aspects of sound while attaining a degree of clarity and lyricism to permeate and reveal the musical structures he creates. Though grounded with an education of the cannon, Ingebritsen’s music stands with both feet firmly planted in the 21st.…

In Collaboration With

Vocal Deviser, Composer
toronto, CANADA
Director, Choreographer
Chicago, Illinois
Video Artist
Chicago, Illinois
set and scenic design
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois


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