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A new work for flute and electronics written for flutist Carla Rees

Carla Rees will give the premiere of the new work as part of rarescale’s concert season at The Forge in London in 2015.

The Latest Update

SHINE was premiered on 15 April 2015!!

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Sungji Hong

Hello, all!

I just came back from London!!
I gave lectures on my recent works including SHINE to composer students at the University of Sheffield on 13 April and at the University of York on 14 April.
On 15 April 2015, SHINE was premiered by incredible flutist, Carla Rees, at the London Forge.
I couldn’t be happier with the outstanding performance of Carla.
The work was very well received on that night!!
Also my chamber work, BISBIGLIO, was performed at the concert by Carla Rees (fl), Heather Roche (cl) and Xenia Pestova (pf).

In August 2015, Carla will perform SHINE again in the beautiful venue of Harlaxton Manor in Lincolnshire, England.

I have uploaded a whole track of the work with the score.
Sincere thanks to New Music USA for awarding a project grant!!

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New Project Dates – 04/10/2015-04/17/2015

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Sungji Hong

I am excited to announce that I have completed the new work, SHINE for flute and electronics for Carla!!
I have uploaded a short excerpt of the work. It is a studio recording by Carla.

I am looking forward to give lectures on my recent works including SHINE at the University of Sheffield on 13 April and at the University of York on 14 April.
Carla will give the premiere of the new work on 15 April 2015.
The concert program includes also my chamber work, BISBIGLIO, which will be performed by Carla Rees (fl), Heather Roche (cl) and Xenia Pestova (pf).
Please come and join us at The Forge in London on 15 April 2015!!
Thanks so much for following the project!

Click here to see more information about the upcoming concert.

Date: Wednesday 15 April 2015
At: 7:30PM, The Forge in London

Rarescale presents three internationally renowned new music performers in a varied programme of recent works. Highlights include the world premiere of New Music USA-funded commission Shine for flute and electronics by Sungji Hong, Jonathan Harvey’s The Riot, an exhilarating tour de force for flute, bass clarinet and piano, Ed Bennet’s 2010 work Magnetic for bass clarinet and piano and Michael Oliva’s mesmerising Nocturne for Kingma System alto flute and piano. The combination of Pestova, Rees and Roche has been described as a ‘supertrio’, and this performance, marking their London debut as a trio, alongside acclaimed electronics performer Michael Oliva is not to be missed!

Carla Rees – flutes
Heather Roche – clarinets
Xenia Pestova – piano
Michael Oliva – electronics

Sungji Hong – Shine (world premiere)
Michael Oliva – Nocturne
Jonathan Harvey – The Riot
Daria Kwiatkowska – In the Dark Basket of My Belly
Katharine Norman – Fuga Interna (begin)
Christopher Fox – Headlong
Ed Bennett – Magnetic
Sungji Hong – Bisbiglio


I first heard about Sungji Hong’s work via rarescale’s clarinetist, Sarah Watts, with whom she had worked on Black Arrow. We have programmed this work in our concerts numerous times and I have felt since I first heard this work that a piece for flute and electronics would be a valuable and outstanding part of the flute’s repertoire.” – Carla Rees


I will compose a new work for flute and electronics for Carla Rees. Carla is an alto and bass flute specialist, based in London. She is the artistic director of rarescale, an ensemble which exists to promote the alto flute and its repertoire. She works frequently in collaboration with composers of all genres and works as a solo recitalist as a member of her group, rarescale, throughout the UK and abroad. She is an avid promoter of new music. She has premiered and recorded new music from many of composers. She has had more than 650 pieces written for her.

In 2007, Carla approached me about the possibility of writing a new work for her. In 2010, I wrote SOARING for solo flute for Carla and she first performed it in July 2012 at the Shoreditch Church in London. SOARING is a virtuosic display of constantly swirling notes as if a seabird dynamically soars by repeatedly diving into the valleys of ocean waves, and then wheeling back up into the air. Carla deployed explosive virtuosity in SOARING and exhibited everything that matters in music making.

I embrace the opportunity to work with the English flute virtuoso while making a meaningful contribution to the modern literature for flute and electronics. Carla Rees will give the premiere as part of rarescale’s concert season at The Forge in London in 2015. I look forward to realizing the creative potential of our continued collaboration.

Project Media

Black Arrow for bass clarinet and electronics
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Features: Sungji Hong

Black Arrow is written for Sarah K Watts in 2005. Sarah is an award winning British Clarinettist who has gained an international reputation for her work as a solo bass clarinettist.

The piece has been performed by Sarah K Watts, Harry Sparnaay, Ernesto Camilo Vega, Fernando Domínguez, Thomas Monod, Massimo Munari, Laurent Bruttin, Jason Noble and others. Black Arrow was awarded the First Prize at the In Nova Música Competition in Andorra 2011 and it was released on Elektramusic Electroacoustic 2011 (Music Volume 03).

Bisbiglio for flute, clarinet and piano
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Features: Sungji Hong

The title Bisbiglio (whispering) reflects the behaviour of the music in the work. In Bisbiglio, emphasis was given to structural development and morphological coherence throughout the work. The piece is characterized by recurring elements that function as structural material for the development of the work.

Bisbiglio was completed in July 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The work was written for the International Contemporary Music Festival in Cyprus to be performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Prismatic for piano and 21 performers
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Features: Sungji Hong

Prismatic was composed between June 2007 and August 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It lasts about 15 minutes and is scored for solo piano and 21 performers. It was commissioned and first performed by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and pianist Sooyeon Lim under the direction of Roland Kluttig in Sejong Chamber Hall, Seoul on 25 October 2008.

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Denton, Texas
Fantasy’, ‘lyricism’, ‘lucidity’, ‘delicacy’, ‘energy’ and ‘colourful with a wealth of imagery’ are key words in the aesthetic of Sungji’s music who devotes herself to composition and lives in Dallas. Sungji Hong’s music has been described as “a work of iridescent freshness” (BBC Music Magazine), “the sound is utterly luminous” (Fanfare Magazine), “it had fantasy,…

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