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ASSEMBLY is an evening-length dance production about honoring our individual and collective pasts while forging rituals not yet imagined


ASSEMBLY is an evening-length dance production about the conscious and unconscious movement histories we carry within us and the desire to inhabit new ways of being. A project of multimedia dance company GREYZONE, this work results from collaborations between artistic director Lindy Fines, composer Sivan Jacobovitz, creative director Justin Fines, costume designers House of 950 and Victoria Yee Howe, and five dancers. The work will premiere in NYC in summer 2021. In August 2021 ASSEMBLY will tour to the Oklahoma International Dance Festival where GREYZONE will be the festival’s inaugural Emerging Artist in Residence.

ASSEMBLY continues GREYZONE’s years-long investigation of the transformational power of inherited movement traditions and the creation of self within community. Melding and reconfiguring phrases from the company’s respective dance backgrounds, ASSEMBLY asks how we might honor our individual and collective pasts while forging rituals not yet imagined. In their collaboration, Fines and Jacobovitz are exploring what it means to juxtapose and reinterpret layers of physical and aural histories. Together, they will generate a world within the piece where sound and dance intertwine, each actively inspiring the other. Jacobovitz will record ASSEMBLY’s sound palette and cue it live during the premiere weekend to highlight the interdependence of sound and movement in the creation of new rituals.

ASSEMBLY is GREYZONE’s first evening-length work with an original score, though it has previously worked with composers on celebrated short dance films and 15-30 minute works for the stage. Jacobovitz and Fines met organically through the modern dance community, and subsequently developed a section of ASSEMBLY for GREYZONE’s January 2020 APAP showing at City Center Studios. In their continued collaboration, Jacobovitz and Fines will fully build out the concepts they began exploring in the fall and winter alongside dancers Tim Bendernagel, Breckyn Drescher, Rachel Gill, Chelsea Hecht, and Kim Savarino. The work will also feature 3 layers of modifiable costumes by House of 950 and Victoria Yee Howe. Throughout the piece, the dancers will make changes to their own and each others’ clothing, serving as a visual metaphor for the dancers’ overlapping movement histories.

The audience reach of this work is greater than any in GREYZONE’s history. ASSEMBLY will impact an estimated 250 NYC dance-goers and up to 200 students, faculty, and guests at the Oklahoma International Dance Festival. In addition to presenting ASSEMBLY in Oklahoma, Fines will be using Jacobovitz’s composition in a repertory workshop with festival students. Engaging NYC and OK communities with ASSEMBLY is particularly meaningful to Fines, a native-Oklahoman, as they represent her own dance lineage and the now connected dance worlds she calls home.

During these uncertain times, as we feel the urge to seek comfort in the familiar, ASSEMBLY offers a vision for what could exist beyond the traditions we already know.

Project Media

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Cue Points : 0:52 – 2:52

PENUMBRA premiered at The Picture Farm Film Festival in 2018 and screened at 17 film festivals worldwide. It evokes the possibility for personal and communal metamorphosis when entering the imaginative portal of the theater space, exploring how the ritual of theater-going allows us to become more liberated versions of ourselves. The theme of modern community-making continues in ASSEMBLY. Direction of PENUMBRA by Justin Fines, choreography by Lindy Fines, costumes by House of 950 & original music by Steve Hauschildt.

BLOOM (2018)
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Cue Points : 4:55 – 6:55

BLOOM premiered at The Dance Gallery Festival (Ailey Citigroup Theater) in November 2018. The work explores the disruption of codified “femininity” to arrive at freer embodiments of the female form. Incorporating playful contact into formal movement rituals, the women expand the bounds of their relationships and discover authentic physicalities. ASSEMBLY continues exploring the role of physical contact in community. Featuring choreography by Lindy Fines, costumes by House of 950, and original sound by Justin Fines.

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New York City, New York

Project Created By

Brooklyn, New York
Lindy Fines is artistic director and choreographer of GREYZONE, a multimedia dance company that she co-founded with creative director Justin Fines. With GREYZONE Lindy was a 2019 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Choreography from The New York Foundation for the Arts. GREYZONE has been awarded 2020 Project Support from the Harkness Foundation for Dance and was…

In Collaboration With

Brooklyn, New York
Creative Director
Brooklyn, New York
Costume Designer
Los Angeles, California


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