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being Here…/this time

A sound installation using 3D simulation, and revised score for performance work, "being Here.../this time"- a journey towards recovery.

The Latest Update

NEXT WEEK! Residency at Kelly Strayhorn: NEED YOUR SUPPORT TODAY

Posted on August 8, 2014 by Marjani Forte
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Next week we begin our residency try this new idea of 3-D audio installation at Pittsburgh, PA’s Kelly Strayhorn Theatre- Alloy Studio.  We’re raising $2500 to support this residency and we need YOUR HELP! This is an extremely important part of our discovery, but we can’t make it happen without help.  Please use the click below to make a tax-deductible contribution to this residency and our next steps.

SUPPORT “being Here…/this time” Residency

Everett’s been studying the 3-D Design, drafting some ideas, and it’s SOOO Cool!  We’re super curious what it wil be like for audiences to experience this sound and the dance simultaneously.  

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, see what we come up with: Friday, August 15  8 PM
The Alloy Studios, 5530 Penn Ave

There will also be a Contemporary Dance Master Class Wednesday at 10:00am!


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We start this summer!

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Marjani Forte
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Hello New Followers!

This summer we start working in residence at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. Please stay in touch with us, as we’ll try to post footage of our work-in-progress as it develops over the next year!

We’re thrilled and so incredibly grateful for the support we’ve gotten from New Music USA- an organization that forwards collaborations and innovative artistic practice.




I’m thrilled to commission Everett Saunders to develop new work; a sound installation composed for audiences before they enter the theatre, and an expanded composition for being Here…/this time- a mixed media performance work about Mental Health and Addiction Recovery.  Saunders will explore a technique in sound design; a binaural recording process resulting in a 3 dimensional stereo soundscape, to be experienced via headphones at “Listening Booths”, stationed in theatre lobbies or gallery spaces.  We’re hiring Industrial Designer Johann Mittnacht, also set designer for “being Here…” (in March 2013) to craft the Listening Booths for the Sound Installation.  

The 3D simulation is an exciting new venture for us in audio effects, and is especially fitting for this project.   Saunders was the original composer for “being Here…” produced and previewed March 2013 at Danspace Project.  His work was well received but after only a few short months of working we realized we had only scratched the surface of what this work had to offer.  New Music USA funding will grant us time and resources to invest solely in a sound/music exploration that supports this complex and dynamic performance work, and stands alone as an exciting Sound Project.  More importantly this project, the Musical composition and Sound Installation (in collaboration with the performance work) is rooted in storytelling; a weighty story of survival, gathered from our research and contributions from the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University, and the N Street Village/Bethany Day Center in Washington D.C.  This commission will grant us time to re-enter the work sonically as its choreographic structure and scenic design evolve over the next year.

Conceptually, both in the the installation and the full length composition, Saunders is examining the capacity of sound to disarm and stir the listener; intentionally destabilizing this listener, while contextualizing what they’ll experience in the performance.  He’s triggering an array of emotional arcs that give a glimpse into one mind’s journey towards mental health, addiction recovery, remembering trauma, and envisioning, or rather embodying healing.  

Everett Saunders and I, choreographer Marjani Forte, have worked together on several projects but this would mark my largest commissioning of his work, requiring a significant amount of study, research, time, and drafting.  The work is scheduled for a premiere in Fall of 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre.  It would be the first time we introduce this sound installation.  We’re also in conversation with New York Live Arts a performance space, and the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts in Brooklyn NY with 651 ARTS (a presenting organization and 2012 creative host for being Here… through their Artist Development Initiative), to present this installation and excerpts of the performance work, designed for the gallery.




Project Media

At first
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being Here… journeys us through one mind (embodied by the dancer in the bed of feathers). In this excerpt, At first, we’ve just experienced a kind of trauma unfold and are now witnessing the birth of her thoughts.

Everett says “As outsiders we observe someone with mental illness as being disturbed, and associate them with disturbance. But inside their minds, it may look or feel like peace. This is the first movement of being Here… We should experience it from another perspective, a world other than our own.”

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New York, New York

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Last update on August 8, 2014

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Harlem/Manhattan, New York
Forte is a Los Angeles, CA native and Harlem resident. She traveled as a performer with Urban Bush Women Dance Co. for 5 yrs, and is now co-founder with Nia Love, of LOVE|FORTE A COLLECTIVE. [www.loveforte.org]. Forte has taught master classes and workshops across the U.S. and beyond including the American Dance Festival and ADF…

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Composer/Sound Designer
Harlem, New York


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  1. So inspired by your work Marjani and excited to connect with you soon!

  2. Thank you Contra-Tiempo! And thank you to all of our new followers! We’re so excited to get started this summer, especially with our residency at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. Please stay in touch with us, as we’ll try to post footage of our work-in-progress as it develops over the next year!

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