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Bora Yoon + Karmina Silec :: CHOREGIE Project

Multimedia choral songcycle based on recently discovered compendium of German and Bavarian fairy tales, drawing parallels w/ Asian mythology


Slovenian stage director, set designer, and choreographer Karmina Šilec and Korean-American composer and pioneering vocalist/sound artist Bora Yoon team up to create a powerhouse multimedia performance for large choral ensemble, and immersive multimedia storytelling, featuring the newly discovered compendium of fairy tales, drawing parallels to the archetypes found in Asian mythology.

Both artists’ previous large-scale operatic, music-theater works were featured in the PROTOTYPE Festival (produced by Beth Morrison Projects, and HERE Arts) in 2015 –Toxic Psalms and Sunken Cathedral — and these two form-breaking artists now collaborate to fuse the worlds of Asian mythology and Slovenian aesthetic with the newly discovered compendium of fairy tales from Germany and Bavaria– a rare discovery only recently published for the first time in 2015.

With this volume, the holy trinity of fairy tales – the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and Hans Christian Andersen – becomes a quartet. In the 1850s, Franz Xaver von Schönwerth traversed the forests, lowlands, and mountains of northern Bavaria to record fairy tales, gaining the admiration of even the Brothers Grimm. Most of Schönwerth’s work was lost – until a few years ago, when thirty boxes of manu­scripts were uncovered in a German municipal archive.

Now, for the first time, Schönwerth’s lost fairy tales are available in English. Violent, dark, and full of action, and upending the relationship between damsels in distress and their dragon-slaying heroes, select stories from this compendium

In this multimedia collaboration, Yoon’s original music and sound design will be staged by director, choreographer, scenographer Silec — and the work will be developed in partnership with university choruses from Princeton University (directed by Gabriel Crouch) and Arizona State University choral ensembles in Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 — and premiere the work during the January 2021 festival season in NYC (ideally with co-partners in American Opera Projects, Opera America and PROTOTYPE).

The aim of this international collaboration is to create parallel worlds and resonance between the archetypes found in both Eastern Asian mythology, and the unexpected twists of Western fairy tales, to resonate the universal dramaturgy and hidden challenges and treasures of the hero’s journey through dream symbology, immersive theater, and form-breaking opera.

Project Media

Karmina Šilec: Choregie projects
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Features: Karmina Silec

Karmina Šilec is an artistic director of Carmina Slovenica and Choregie– new music theatre, conductor & stage director. With her concept “Choregie – vocal theatre or theatre of voices” she has brought freshness & originality to the world of vocal music and theater. Each new project by Karmina Šilec is an expedition to the field of the unknown/unexplored. Artistically merging the old and the contemporary, it creates new, exciting contexts. Her projects are provocative, daring; her ideas break taboos, both those of the society and music.

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Features: Bora Yoon

Bora Yoon is a Korean-American composer, vocalist, and pioneering sound artist who explores the connection of sound to the subliminal. Featured on the front-page of the The Wall Street Journal for her musical innovations, she creates architectural soundscapes using found objects from different cultures and centuries, chamber instruments, digital devices, and voice. Her work is immersive and experiential, and dynamically ranges from fully staged theatrical works for large ensemble, to solo projects. Both extremes utilize the voice to storytell.

Start and End Dates



New York, New York

Project Created By

New York, New York
Bora Yoon is a Korean-American composer, performer, sound artist, and vocalist who explores where sound connects to the subliminal using chamber instruments, digital devices, and song. She has presented her unique experimental soundwork internationally at Lincoln Center, Nam June Paik Museum (Seoul), Patravadi Theatre (Bangkok), Brooklyn Academy of Music, Walker Art Center, Festival of World Cultures…

In Collaboration With

Director, Choreographer


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