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Brass Band Blastoff

A comprehensive diverse musical experience showcasing the expansive range of brass band traditions/non-traditions from all over the world.


FONT Music facilitated new works for brass bands of various traditions in September 2014 with an exciting and unique evening entitled Brass Band Blastoff. BBB was a comprehensive and diverse musical experience showcasing the expansive range of living brass band traditions from all over the world. In this way FONT Music continues to positively impact the creative music community and the brass world in particular.

With BBB, FONT  facilitated the creation of new works for three world class brass bands. Each of the three bands presented new work in their concert. In the case of FONT’s Afro Beat Assembly, the entire repertoire was newly created for this event. This is, to our knowledge, the first iteration of an “afro-beat” brass band. No BS! Brass Band also took the occasion to present several new works by composers Bryan Hooten, Taylor Barnett, and Reggie Pace. Banda De Los Muertos presented new Norteño brass pieces that expanded the genre, including new works by Jacob Garchik and Oscar Noriega.

Presenting BBB was part of the FONT Music’s continued intention to reach a wider audience, accessing a variety of ethnic communities that encompass Brooklyn and New York City, while celebrating the rich cultural and varietal history of brass band music. Performing music from all corners of the world, BBB featured three of the USA’s top brass ensembles representing diverse styles never before heard together all in one spectacular evening at Littlefield, a venue in Brooklyn, New York.
In support of this presentation, FONT Music created posters and programs that were delivered widely throughout New York City. The festival was also promoted widely on social media platforms including Facebook, twitter, as well as on its own web site.

Banda De Los Muertos: Many of New York’s edgier slipstream jazzbos—including saxophonist Oscar Noriega, trumpeter Jackie Coleman, trombonists Curtis Hasselbring and Jacob Garchik, and drummer Jim Black—are among the lineup of this loud and emotional 14-piece group devoted to the heavy-metal, brass-driven banda sound rooted in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Los Muertos draw some of their weepy repertoire from Banda El Recodo, which gave contemporary Mexican music a kick in the brass during the ’40s.

FONT’s Afro-Brass Assembly: For the first time, FONT Music sponsors it’s very own FONTsemble with FONT’s Afro-Brass Assembly. Featuring members of Antibalas, Chop and Quench (aka The FELA! Musical Band) and the NYC Afrobeat and Downtown Music community.

No BS! Brass: takes the New Orleans brass band into uncharted territory, fearlessly combining elements of James Brown, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, and Led Zeppelin into their fiercely original sound. Trained in the conservatory and hardened in the garage, No BS! Brass has performed at the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, and on National Public Radio’s Tiny Desk Concert. Equally at home in the club or on the parade route, in the concert hall or on a festival stage.


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Banda De Los Muertos playing Rufalina
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New York’s best (and only) Mexican Banda.

No BS! Brass Band: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
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Just southeast of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in Richmond, Va., lies a compact neighborhood called Oregon Hill. Historically, it’s been a (white) working-class part of town, affordable for students and various bohemian types. Recording engineer Lance Koehler was drawn to the place when he moved to Richmond from New Orleans; it’s where he eventually found a two-story garage and converted it into his own recording studio and home. It didn’t take him long to start doing business across the Richmond music map: Koehler is good at his

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Brooklyn, New York

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New York, New York
Mission Statement – The Festival of New Trumpet Music is a non-profit 501c3 committed to the support of new music by a diverse community of trumpet and brass players, and the presentation of their work to the public. Our Goals – The Festival aims to promote opportunity, encourage diversity, and enable community for and among trumpet players and those…


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