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Snap Crackle Pop – A New Work by Carolyn Dorfman and Renée Jaworski of Pilobolus

Merging their signature styles and processes, Dorfman and Jaworksi join forces to create a work about connection; past, present and future.

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Snap Crackle Pop World Premiere

Posted on July 3, 2018 by Carolyn Dorfman Dance
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Snap Crackle Pop (SNP), the historic collaboration between Carolyn Dorfman, Renée Jaworski, Co-Artistic Director of PILOBOLUS, and the dancers of Carolyn Dorfman Dance enjoyed a successful World Premiere on April 14, 2018. It took place during Carolyn Dorfman Dance’s 35th Anniversary Performance and Gala Benefit at NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) followed by an encore performance on April 15th.

In this groundbreaking new work, Dorfman and Jaworski merged their signature styles to create a work about connection—past, present, and future. Delving into iconic American cultural experiences that create common bonds and shape us, they explored the phenomenon of commercial advertisements, the ever-changing socio-political events, the technological revolution and the evolution of human communication.

The score by virtuosic composer David Van Tiegham is a montage of various textures, text, commercial jingles and musical sources adeptly manipulated. Dorfman, Jaworski and Van Tieghem worked together, interviewing dancers, researching historical ideas and advertising jingles and formulating a structure and sound score that carries us through and across time. “David is a quiet, brilliant force” Dorfman explains.  Renee and I wanted to share connection in various dimensions and David found a way to merge commercial memorabilia, political and social commentary, and sounds that connect us to the many facets of our outer and inner worlds. “ 

Snap Crackle Pop will tour exclusively with Carolyn Dorfman Dance for the next two years and become part of PILOBOLUS repertory in 2020.  As mentioned above, as a historic event, it is the first time that PILOBOLUS has co-created a work with another company and that work will become a part of their repertory that they will take on tour as well. Other talented collaborators on this project included costumes designed by Anna-Alisa Belous, and lighting designed by Thom Weaver.

The work was co-commissioned by NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) with generous support from PILOBOLUS and The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation. 


Carolyn Dorfman Dance commissions the creation of a new work featuring a ground-breaking collaboration between Artistic Director Carolyn Dorfman and Renée Jaworski, former CDD company member and Co-Artistic Director of the internationally renowned Pilobolus. Merging their signature styles and processes, Dorfman, Jaworski and the 11 Carolyn Dorfman dancers come together to create a work about connection: past, present and future. Delving into iconic American cultural experiences that create common bonds and shape us, they explore the phenomenon of commercial advertisements, the ever-changing socio-political events, the technological revolution and the evolution of human communication. They posit on the disintegration of language, hieroglyphics to emojis, and our connections that disconnect. “People never know each other until they have eaten a certain amount of salt together”, affirms Aristotle.  The artists suggest hope as a choice and its possibilities in unfettered human bonding.

Dorfman and Jaworski will collaborate with the virtuoso composer, David Van Tieghem, renowned for his profoundly original music and sound design for film, TV, theatre, dance and new media.  His dance credits are legendary and he brings to this process an extraordinary ability to create a collage scores that will combine various textures, text, sources, manipulations and depth.

Van Tieghem says regarding the new work, “My role as composer and sound designer will be to inspire, propel, support, and contextualize the choreography – rhythmically, intellectually and emotionally. In turn, I will be inspired and compelled by the movement and concepts presented to me by the company. This reciprocal collaborative process with fellow artists is rewarding and always sparks creative growth. The new dance’s explorations of the evolution of human connections integral to life’s journey are well-suited to my musical and cinematic sensibilities. I have previously worked with Ms. Jaworski, and each time I’m challenged to create something new. Every collaboration has added significant work to my repertoire and introduced my music to new audiences.”

The work will premiere at NJPAC, New Jersey’s premiere performing arts on April 14 and 15, 2018; a celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Carolyn Dorfman Dance.  NJPAC, a co-commissioner of the work, supports this extraordinary collaboration that will be exclusively performed by CDD for the first two years and then joins the repertory of the internationally touring, Pilobolus. This is the first time in the history of Pilobolus that a work created on another dance company will be added to their expansive repertory.  In process and on tour, audiences and students will have access to full performances, masterclasses, workshops, lecture-performances, open rehearsals, and audience/artist dialogues that immerse them in the content, processes and vision of the work and its creative artists.  It is a work about the power of human connection.  Dorfman and Jaworski, Carolyn Dorfman Dance and Pilobolus are forever propelled by that concept.

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Traces (2016) explores our common origins as human beings — the forces that shape and change us–divide and connect us. It delves into our family roots and foundations and our contemporary collective journey. At its core, it is a work about memory, history, legacy and now. It reveals images of nature, the magnificence of the universe, man’s relationship to the earth and each other. Traces is Carolyn Dorfman’s second collaboration with the Sarajevo-born composer Svjetlana Bukvich. Suggested viewing point: 23:35

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