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Chaconne: a New Work for String Quartet by Fred Lerdahl

A new work for string quartet celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Daedalus Quartet.

The Latest Update

About the piece – an update from Fred Lerdahl

Posted on July 14, 2016 by The Daedalus Quartet


We’re excited to announce that Fred has finished Chaconne! He offers this description of  the new piece.

Also, enjoy this excellent recording of Fred’s There and Back Again, an earlier work in a similar form. The cellist is Sietse-Jan Weijenberg, from a performance at the 2013 contemporary music week in Auvillar, France.


I have completed Chaconne for string quartet, funded by a project grant from New Music USA. It is written for the 15th anniversary of the wonderful Daedalus Quartet, which commissioned my Third String Quartet and which has recorded all three of my quartets (Bridge Records 9352). Daedalus will premiere Chaconne in early 2017, and in the 2017-18 season they will tour with it in Germany as well as the United States.

When Daedalus approached me about composing another piece for them, my reaction was mixed. I wanted very much to work with them again, but I felt that with my three string quartets, which form a 70-minute cycle when performed together, I had exhausted what I had to say in that medium. The only path forward was to cast the medium differently. I have often worked in some kind of variation form, usually spiral form, in which variations expand from one to the next, yielding asymmetrical phrases and sections. The three-quartet cycle was composed in this way. But a few years ago I wrote a short solo cello piece, There and Back Again, based on a 17th-century chaconne, with each variation four bars long. I decided to pick up that thread and compose a large chaconne for Daedalus based not on asymmetrical expansions but on symmetrical periodicities.

Chaconne is in one movement lasting about 19 minutes. Unlike a Baroque chaconne, it is built not on a bass line but on an abstract structure. Each variation is eight bars long, divided equally into paired phrases. The piece begins by assembling this structure and soon introduces a melodic sequence, D-A-E-D-A-Eb, taken from the name DAEDAluS (Eb in German is “Es”). This sequence fits smoothly into my particular harmonic and voice-leading syntax. The motive appears and disappears throughout the piece.

It has been a challenge to compose constantly with symmetrical paired phrases. To avoid squareness, I have introduced all kinds of overlaps and displacements. The variations flow one to the next without pause; at times the boundaries are almost concealed. A still greater challenge has been to give logic to the sequence of variations. (This must have been a problem for Bach and Brahms, too.) I have built three large cycles of variations, each cycle about 17 variations long. Within each cycle, the variations move gradually from longer to shorter note values, leading to a climax and subsequent dissolution. The cycles cross-reference each another inexactly. In this way I have created a large form that is strict yet free.

My three-quartet cycle inhabited an expressive world that is intense and inward, a kind of psychological excavation. With Chaconne I have instead sought an expressive world that is outward and transparent, one that projects delight in playful patterns.

Fred Lerdahl


Stay tuned for an announcement of the premiere and more performances of the piece!

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Fred’s third quartet at CMS Lincoln Center

Posted on March 23, 2016 by The Daedalus Quartet

It’s always an honor and a joy to work with Fred Lerdahl.  We’ll be performing his third string quartet, written for us in 2008, tomorrow evening at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.  The work is the culmination of Fred’s ambitious, groundbreaking quartet cycle, a single 22-minute realization of the promise set out in the first notes of his first quartet (from 1978). 

The concert will also feature works by Wolfgang Rihm, Helmut Lachenmann, and John Harbison, and we’ll be performing them with our friends, Romie deGuise-Langlois (clarinet), Jennifer Montone (horn), and Gilles Vonsattel (piano).  Even if you can’t make it to the concert, you can listen online!




The Daedalus Quartet is thrilled to be collaborating once more with composer Fred Lerdahl on a new work, Chaconne, written in celebration of the quartet’s 15th anniversary.  The quartet previously commissioned and premiered Mr. Lerdahl’s Third String Quartet, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in music.  The Third Quartet is the final part of a string quartet cycle (recorded by the Daedalus Quartet for Bridge Records) begun thirty years earlier in which a tiny musical kernel grows organically outward in a series of expanding variations.  The singular musical language of these works evokes a vivid palette of shifting dreamscapes.

Chaconne will be a single-movement work of about 17 minutes in length.  Fred Lerdahl writes:

The piece is lighter in character than the three-quartet cycle. My treatment of chaconne variation form is strict, in eight bar units comprised of symmetrical paired phrases. My typical practice has been to compose in expanding variations with asymmetrical phrases, so this is a deliberate departure. I am enjoying the technical challenge of shaping these eight-bar units into larger arcs of continuous energy.

The Daedalus Quartet is excited to bring this new work to the public.  Having performed the quartet cycle, in whole and part, numerous times, it is clear that audiences respond to Mr. Lerdahl’s music on both an intellectual and a visceral level.  Chaconne will receive its premiere at the University of Pennsylvania in September of 2016, and the quartet is actively pursuing other performances of the work over the 2016/17 season and into the future.  Several presenters have expressed interest in the work, and the quartet has preliminary plans to record the work for Bridge Records in the future.

Project Media

Fred Lerdahl: Quartet no. 2
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Performed by the Daedalus Quartet
at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA

Thursday, Oct 18, 2012

Fred Lerdahl: Quartet no. 3

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Commissioned by the Daedalus Quartet, premiered December 2009

Performed by the Daedalus Quartet
at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

October 18, 2012

George Perle: String Quartet No. 5: II. Quarter note=132
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Recorded by the Daedalus Quartet June 5, 2012
at the DiMenna Center, New York, NY

Released on Bridge Records 2013

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