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Chaosflöte – Catalyzing a new body of work for the open-source, sensor-augmented flute

The Latest Update

Just one more week!!

Posted on August 27, 2017 by Benjamin Whiting

Null-state’s Orlando residency begins in just one week with our concert at Timucua on Sunday, September 3rd, and we could not be more excited! Our schedule of events is as follows:

Sunday, September 3rd
Concert I: Null-state, presented by Accidental Music Festival (7:30PM, Timucua Arts white house)

Tuesday, September 5th
Workshop I: Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) (4:00PM, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Melrose Center, Orlando Public Library)
Workshop II: Multimedia Programming Languages (5:30PM, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Melrose Center, Orlando Public Library)

Wednesday, September 6th
Masterclass I: Improvisation in Live Performance (1:30PM, Room M260, University of Central Florida Performing Arts College)

Thursday, September 7th
Concert II: Live Coding + Chaosflöte (6:00PM, Orlando Museum of Art, part of the Eclectic Knights IX event)

Friday, September 8th
Masterclass II: Electroacoustic Composition (1:30PM, Room M150, University of Central Florida Performing Arts College)
Demonstration: Chaosflöte Walkthrough (3:30PM, Room M150, University of Central Florida Performing Arts College)
Concert III: Chaosflöte + Live Coding (8:00PM, University of Central Florida Rehearsal Hall)

You can also find a complete schedule of events, along with links to the venues’ websites, on our webpage.

More Updates ▼

Exciting New Developments for the Chaosflöte!

Posted on July 15, 2017 by Benjamin Whiting

We at Null-state are honored to have been awarded a New Music USA grant for the Chaosflöte, and are excited to fill you in on our current progress:

We have debuted the third alpha-state version of the Chaosflöte. A video of Melody performing her composition Chaos Ver. 2b on this prototype is included in this update and can be found on Null-state’s official website.

A few changes have been made to our event lineup. The four weekly seminars on algorithmic music composition had been expanded into a twelve week program which recently concluded at the Melrose Center in July. The Chaosflöte workshop and concert series is now officially part of the ongoing Orlando-based Accidental Music Festival, sponsored by the Timucua Arts Foundation. In order to best fit the needs of the festival, we have moved our event dates to the beginning of September. The live-coding and Chaosflöte concert will take place at 19.30 EDT on Sunday, 3 September 2017 at Timucua. During the following week, we will be holding daily seminars with topics including electroacoustic music aesthetics and music programming software/languages. We will also hold workshops on improvisation and performing on the Chaosflöte, as well as a masterclass on composition. Opportunities for private lessons with Benjamin (electroacoustic composition) and Melody (electroacoustic performance/improvisation) will be available as part of the event.

Finally, we are happy to announce that the week-long program for young composers, scheduled to have been conducted at the Melrose Center during the summer, has now been expanded to a year-long after-school program in the Orange County Public School system!

Please check back periodically for further updates.


Null-state is a non-profit research, development, teaching, and performing collaboration between flautist-composer Melody Chua and composer Benjamin D. Whiting. The duo established their partnership in August of 2015 when they began work on their sensor-augmented electroacoustic flute, the Chaosflöte, which consists of a flute fitted with a myriad of wireless sensors and controlled by specialized, but easy-to-use, software. This instrument was born out of the need for both Chua and Whiting to have a wealth of easily controllable, stylized audio processes to facilitate the composition of new pieces for flute and electronics, and to empower them to quickly and easily recontextualize the flute for more dynamic, exciting improvisation sessions.
Melody Chua has been invited to unveil the Chaosflöte in a performance on January 14th at the Art’s Birthday celebration in Freiburg, Germany.

In June, Null-state will present the Chaosflöte Live Coding Seminar and Concert in collaboration with the Orlando-based Timucua Arts Foundation. This project aims to serve the Central Florida community in providing young composers the opportunity to learn the basics of multimedia programming and to experiment with an instrument augmented with electronic sensors in a friendly, educational setting. Seminars focused around advanced topics appealing to local professional composers will also be held.

Schedule of events:
Null-state concert at the Timucua white house featuring works by Chua and Whiting and live-coding improvisation (event will be livestreamed and recorded)
4 weekly seminar sessions for college and professional composers, introducing algorithmic composition and live coding, held at the Melrose Center of Orange County Public Library Downtown Branch
daily instruction at week-long music and technology summer camp program for teens at the Melrose Center
two-day Chaosflöte masterclass on improvisation and composition with Melody Chua

For the concert, Chua and Whiting will compose new works for the Chaosflöte of approximately 15 minutes each, showcasing the rich timbral variety afforded by its sound processing and synthesis modules, and its ability to influence the processing of and generation of projected video. This concert will also include the short pieces written by participating students over the course of the seminar. The event will conclude with a segment where students who studied live coding will interact with Chua by generating sonic gestures and backdrops against which she will improvise on stage.
The creation of the Chaosflöte is a major milestone for Null-state, realizing an artistic goal and opening the door for an entirely new body of work. Null-state hopes to catalyze a new body of work for the instrument by making the hardware and software for the Chaosflöte open source. This project will demonstrate the viability of the instrument, hopefully inspiring performers, composers, and students to explore it as a tool, or even as a starting point for their own new instruments.

For more information about null-state and the Chaosflöte, please visit nullstate.org. For more information about the Timucua Arts Foundation, please visit timucua.com.

Project Media

Melodía sin melodía (remastered stereo mix)
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This piece was born out of an inspiration of mine to blend sounds of found household objects, a staple of electroacoustic fixed-media composition, with those of an instrument associated with conventional means of Western music production, the transverse flute. Both sonic groupings carry with them certain implications that are challenged in this piece; at the start, the found objects and flute behave as they “should,” but their respective roles blur as the piece progresses, eventually reaching a kind of cooperative unity by the end.

Illumina! Arabidopsis thaliana (remastered stereo mix)
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Features: Benjamin Whiting

This piece represents the ongoing artistic and scientific collaboration between genomic biologist Aleel K. Grennan and myself. Grennan is studying the rate of photosynthesis between a natural wild type of Arabidopsis thaliana leaf and three genetically engineered mutants with different sizes of chloroplasts. I took the data she provided me, sonified and incorporated the results in an 8-channel surround sound piece of electroacoustic music.

Selective Memory (2016) for Sensor-Augmented Flute, Live 4-channel electronics, and Live Visuals
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Features: Melody Chua

Electronics, visuals, and live performance by Melody Chua
Performed at the Atlantic Music Festival Future Music Lab fellowship program; Colby Museum of Art.

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Orlando, Florida

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Last update on August 27, 2017

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Deltona, Florida
Benjamin D. Whiting is an internationally award-winning composer of both acoustic and electroacoustic music, and the co-founder of Null-state (www.nullstate.org). His music has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and he has presented regularly at festivals such as SEAMUS, ICMC, NYCEMF, EMM, TIES, N_SEME, CMS, eviMus, and Sonorities, in addition to festivals…

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