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Choreographer Susan Marshall, composer Jason Treuting, and visual artist Suzanne Bocanegra create and perform a new interdisciplinary work.

The Latest Update

Chromatic premieres at The Kitchen, presented by American Dance Institute

Posted on July 22, 2016 by Susan Marshall & Company

Chromatic had its world premiere to sold-out audiences at the Kitchen June 22 – 26, presented by American Dance Institute. We had a great time performing it and hope there will be more to come!

Here is a short excerpt – a rhythmic movement/sound/color duet performed by Susan Marshall and Jason Treuting – which begins Chromatic.

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Chromatic is coming!

Posted on December 10, 2015 by Susan Marshall & Company

We are very excited to announce that Chromatic will be premiering at the Kitchen in June 2016 in a festival presented by American Dance Institute, featuring new works by Yvonne Rainer, Brian Brooks, Jane Comfort, and Jack Ferver! Here is a promo video for Chromatic, taken at our recent residency in BAM’s Hilman studio.

Work-in-progress at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Posted on September 3, 2015 by Susan Marshall & Company

In June, Chromatic had a technical residency in BAM’s Hilman studio, culminating in three showings of the work.

Photo (c) Peter Serling

Work-in-progress at American Dance Institute

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Susan Marshall & Company

As part of their Incubator program, American Dance Institute hosted Susan, Jason, and Suzanne for an intensive residency in January.


Objects, colors, sounds, and actions collide in unusual juxtapositions, creating simple but unexpectedly emotional constructions. Inspired by Josef Albers’s formal 1963 masterpiece of color theory, Interaction of Color, choreographer Susan Marshall, composer Jason Treuting and visual artist Suzanne Bocanegra are creating a curiously detailed and visually singular performance work. The three artists perform this work themselves, putting together gesture and movement, rhythm and music, light and color, making these elements shift continuously in scale, size, contrast and resonance.

This will be the first time that these artists are creating a work together, and represents a new mode of creation for them: they are equal partners in creating the work, and as a result the work also is not only about color, rhythm, and gesture, but also about the interaction of the artists in the creative process.

The process of creating this work will be as significant as the finished product, and so the collaborators are opening the doors to their creative process throughout the development of the work beginning in January 2015. In addition, this project will be workshopped outside of NYC: the project will be in residence at the American Dance Institute in Rockville, MD, with two work-in-progress showings, and in summer 2015, the project will be in residence at a location to be announced soon.

The work will have its New York City premiere at the Kitchen in June 2016, and will tour nationally in fall 2016.

Project Media

I Write the Songs
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Features: Suzanne Bocanegra

In I Write the Songs, the audience is given the opportunity to participate in the complete cycle of music making, from composition to performance to publication: they craft scores out of hundreds of recycled books from various music conservatory libraries and old music collections. These scores are then distributed to four musicians using an elaborate pulley system. The music ebbs and flows naturally from intimate solos and duos to dense and intense group jams. Finally, the pages are bound together live into music books, documenting the event.

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Features: Jason Treuting

Extremes uses patterns from language as a platform for form and rhythmic structure. The names of cities in the United States are grouped geographically to create a four-part canon. This canon results in a highly intricate composite groove within the ensemble. As in much of Jason’s music, there is limited conventional notation, but rather a series of processes to be followed, processes that reveal the construction of the work and leave room for individual variation and interpretation.

Frame Dances (Sandstone)
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Features: Susan Marshall

Frame Dances is a series of dances that take place in confined spaces (frames) within a gallery installation. The dances are filmed and projected live from cameras mounted directly overhead, referencing the ways that videos are framed and appear on the screens of our smartphones. Marshall is interested in how the recorded mediates our experience of the live, and how the confined space of the frame and its horizontal position creates a new mechanics for the dancing body, one in which there is no up or down, but where gravity prevails.

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