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City of Glass

A stage adaptation of the book by Paul Auster

The Latest Update

NewMusicUSA discount

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Edward Einhorn

For our final weekend (Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 2pm and 8pm), we are offering a discount! $10 off with the code: NewMusicUSA.  Come by the theater and see what we’ve been up to, just use this link to buy tickets.  As an extra enticement, here is one of our favorite reviews:

5 STARS “Nothing short of astonishing…Einhorn has adapted this first book of Auster’s New York trilogy with intriguing staging and theatricality. On the surface, the play, like the novel, tweaks the style of the noir-detective-mystery whodunit. But Einhorn then plunges it into a typhoon of surrealism and moves the focus from character to character. Played by one actor, Robert Honeywell, characters morph in and out of each other’s consciousness like ghosts blown about in a supercharged electrical storm…Special kudos go to Freddi Price whose haunting, atmospheric musical compositions inform Honeywell’s narrative dynamic.”  

Read the whole review here or read all our reviews on our review page

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Reviews for our City of Glass composer, Freddi Price

Posted on March 1, 2016 by Edward Einhorn

“Special kudos go to Freddi Price whose haunting, atmospheric musical compositions inform Honeywell’s narrative dynamic.”


Mr. Einhorn and his designers do a fine job with the setting (a low-budget approach that conjures a noir atmosphere, thanks largely to live music from Freddi Price)

New York Times

“Freddi Price creates the astounding live underscore to this absurd and intriguing examination of brokenness. He is the master hypnotist able to transport you into altered states of consciousness where this Picasso of performance allows you to drift on a waterbed surrounded by run away words, potent imagery and scintillating performance.”

NY Theater Guide

“Freddi Price’s live-performed music textures the sensory tapestry in both inconspicuous and pervasive ways”


“The music is spot on: evocative without being intrusive, punctuating rather than driving the action.”


“Freddi Price does an amazing job with sound and music. His work becomes a character as important as any other”

What’s on Off-Broadway

Show opens, Paul Auster visits

Posted on February 26, 2016 by Edward Einhorn

The show is now open, and Paul Auster has declared it “surpassed all expectations”! 

Here is a photo from the opening night of  adaptor/director Edward Einhorn (left) and Paul Auster (right).


Opening February 19!

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Edward Einhorn

The play opens February 19.  Read about all the details on our website.   Here is a rehearsal photo form the theater! 


The first book of Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy, adapted by Edward Einhorn.  A film-noir inspired meditation on the nature of language and identity, wrapped in a mystery set in New York’s Upper West Side. The adaptation will use one speaking actor, two silent actors, video, and live music by Freddi Price.  Written to be played live by a single musician, the music will have a dark, jazz-ish, late-Noir soundtrack motif.   The instrument palette will be drums, bass, (either on keyboard or electric guitar), some sampler keyboard instruments (piano, organ, vibraphone), Wurlitzer electric piano, and trumpet – in addition to sound elements such as phone rings and other ambient noises.

Project Media

Music sample – City of Glass (“Phoning”)
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A sample of the music to be used in City of Glass, composed by Freddi Price, demonstrating the way that practical sound effects will be incorporated as part of the musical design.

Trailer – The Pigeoning
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Features: Freddi Price

The trailer from a puppet play, The Pigeoning, for which Freddi Price wrote the score. Similarly to City of Glass, even voiceover becomes part of the musical design. Freddi Price received a Drama Desk nomination for his work on this show.

The Velvet Oratorio – Chorus 3
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Features: Edward Einhorn

An oratorio celebrating the 20th anniversary of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution, performed in concert once at Lincoln Center and for seven performances at the Czech Consulate. Libretto by Edward Einhorn and music by Henry

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Edward Einhorn written plays about neurology; picture books about math; adaptations of sci-fi novels; translations of drama from French, Czech, and ancient Greek; puppet theater; modern Oz novels; explorations of economic theory; autobiographical found text dramas; midrashim on Jewish cultural icons; a calypso musical; and other works of a less definable nature.  He has also directed much of…

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