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Commission/World Premier of the Song Cycle "Four Poems by Ezra Pound" by American composer Juan Trigos. Washington DC, New York and Houston.

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Posted on June 27, 2018 by Daniela D'Ingiullo
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Alba, the first song of Juan Trigos’s Four Poems by Ezra Pound 
Daniela D’Ingiullo, soprano
Roberto Hidalgo, piano

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A picture from the performance in Washington DC last May 3rd, 2018

Posted on June 27, 2018 by Daniela D'Ingiullo

The project COMMISSION AND WORLD PREMIERE  OF A SONG CYCLE BY JUAN TRIGOS concluded with a big success!!!!

Juan Trigos’s song cycle Four Poems by Ezra Pound had his world premieres last May 1st and 3r, 2018.

Daniela D’Ingiullo, soprano, and Roberto Hidalgo, piano, premiered the work in New York City last May 1st at the Bloomingdale School of Music, David Greer Recital Hall at 8.00 PM, and in Washington DC last May 3rd at the Mexican Cultural Institute.

Here a picture in the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC during the concert an in the following post an audio sample!








Winner of New Music USA’s Fall 2017 round of project grants

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Daniela D'Ingiullo

We just have been informed that the project COMMISSION AND WORLD PREMIERE  OF A SONG CYCLE BY JUAN TRIGOS has been selected in the New Music USA’s Fall 2017 round of project grants. 

The world premieres were a huge success in New York City and Washington D.C. respectively last May 1st and 3rd, 2018, performed by Daniela D’Ingiullo, soprano and Roberto Hidalgo, piano.


Juan Trigos for writing such amazing songs, New Music USA for this grant and the Mexican Cultural Institutes of New York and Washington DC to give us the opportunity to premier the work!



commission and world premiere  of the Song Cycle “Four Poems by Ezra Pound” by the American composer Juan Trigos.

Song cycle recently commissioned to the American composer Juan Trigos. Next May 3, 2018, Daniela D’Inigullo (soprano from Houston) and Roberto Hidalgo (pianist from New York) will premiere the work in New York City on May 1st, 2018 at the Bloomingdale School of Music and in Washington DC on May 3rd at the Mexican Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico.


the composer Juan Trigos

Mexican-American composer and conductor born in Mexico City in 1965, is an active composer, creator of the concept Abstract Folklore, a process in which he abstracts and assimilates various literary and vernacular musical traditions into a modern compositional rhetoric. Some of the principles behind this concept are elements such as primary pulsation, the resonance and the interrelation of polyrhythmic/polyphonic musical events and segments of different density and duration. As a composer, whose work has been performed worldwide, two fundamental aspects distinguish his musical production: vocal music (opera and sacred) and instrumental music with a notable predilection for the concertante forms.


the composition

Song cycle for soprano/tenor and piano

This composition is the first cycle of songs in the English language of the author and adds to a long list of vocal works written previously. As the title indicates, the work is inspired by four short poems by the great American poet Ezra Pound: Alba, Meditatio, In Station of the Metro and a Girl. As in all his vocal works, the text plays a fundamental part in the structure and expression of the piece. The different metaphors, allusions and metrics of the words and phrases, suggest the form and affect the different procedures and sonority in general. The work is another clear example of composer’s personal aesthetics refer to as Abstract Folklore. The piece was commissioned by soprano Daniela D’Ingiullo and it is dedicated to her.


my experience with juan trigos’ music

In my career I premiered and performed several works by Juan Trigos: Cantata Concertante N.2 (Mexico City  2010), Cantata Concertante N.3 Phos Hilaron (Guanajuato, 2013), DeCachetitoRaspado (Comic-Hemofiction Opera with libretto by Juan Trigos S.) at the Festival SpazioMusica (Italy 2007) and at the Rialto Theater of Atlanta (mentioned as one of the five best opera productions in the Atlanta music scene), Symphony N.4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan (Oaxaca and Mexico City 2016) and the String Quartet N.2 (Eastman School of Music in 2017). I also recorded his Cantata Concertante N.3 Phos Hilaron and his Symphony N.4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan for the Spanish label iTinerant. In 2018, besides the recitals to perform his Four Poems by Ezra Pound, I will be in tour with Juan Trigos’s new Opera for soprano and ensemble Crazy Love From Crazy Mother (libretto by Juan Trigos Synister).

Project Media

Symphony N.4 Nezahualvoyotl Icuicahuan by Juan Trigos (MOV III – Ah! Tlamiz)
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The last movement of the Symphony N.4 Nezahualvoyotl Icuicahuan by Juan Trigos. The work is based on texts by the Aztec poet Nezahualcoyotl. This his the world recording premiere for iTinerant that I recorded in Mexico last May 2016 with the Oaxaca Symphony under the baton of the composer.

Cantata Concertante N.3 Phos Hilaron by Juan Trigos
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One of the best choral works of the XXI Century recorded on CD by iTinerant.
Daniela D’Ingiullo, Soprano
Grace Echauri, Mezzosoprano
Cuauhtémoc Trejo, obbligato flute
Choir: Coro Juvenil del Conservatorio de Celaya
Orchestra: Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Juan Trigos

“Copland & Chávez” at Americas Society
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Features: Roberto Hidalgo

Pianist Roberto Hidalgo presented a program entitled “Copland & Chávez” at Americas Society as the final event of the “New York City Celebrates Carlos Chávez,” organized by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.

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Washington DC, Washington

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Last update on June 27, 2018

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Miami, Florida
Soprano Artist dedicated to the twentieth century and contemporary classical music. She is known for her successful interpretations of works like Himnus ad Galli Cantum by Orbón, Lauda per la Nativitá del Signore by Respighi, Stravinsky’s Cantata; the operas DeCachetitoRaspado by Trigos and El Conejo y el Coyote by Rasgado, Cantatas No. 2 and 3…

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Miami, Florida


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