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Commission: On the Mutability of Time

a new work for saxophonist Jeffery Kyle Hutchins w/piano

The Latest Update

New Website and Score

Posted on April 1, 2015 by Jeremy Wagner

I have recently launched a new website (www.jeremywagner.info) which includes pages for this project (and others) complete with the most recent scores and recordings.  You can view the full score for Zusammenfluss at http://www.jeremywagner.info/zusammenfluss

Check it out. -J

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…the road begins!…and the journey is over.

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Jeremy Wagner

I had a wonderful time in Minnesota working with Kyle & Neil.  The entire evening was heroic and well prepared–a stunning tribute to Kyle’s virtuosity and stamina.  I am glad to have been there to witness it.  Zusammenfluss went off in spectacular fashion and while I am happy with the premiere I know that the best is yet to come.  Over the coming months Kyle will continue to develop and evolve the work and by summer we hope to produce a definitive recording, but for now, I am very pleased with the result.  I leave you with the above excerpt which represents roughly the first third of the piece.  I also wish to convey my profound thanks to all who were involved in making this piece possible.  We composers are nothing but for people such as yourselves. 

Tonight! The premiere of Zusammenfluss!

Posted on March 6, 2015 by Jeremy Wagner

I am having a great time in Minnesota preparing the premiere with Kyle and Neil.  It should be an incredible event; an ambitious program in capable hands.  More info at the following link: http://newmusicmn.com/mn/jeffery-kyle-hutchins-sonder/

…and Double Bar :: Zusammenfluss

Posted on January 8, 2015 by Jeremy Wagner

I am pleased to announce the completion and delivery of the score for this project.  It is a big piece–more than 950 measures, roughly 23-25′ in duration–but it is also densely active, befitting the expressive talents of the musicians for whom it was written.  As is customary, I have waited until the very end to arrive at a name for the piece, which I have decided to call Zusammenfluss.  It is the latest in a series of German-titled works for duos and trios undertaken since my arrival in California. The title derives as a metaphor both of the musical ideas at work and as an apt descriptor of the environment(s) in which it was composed.  There is also news concerning the piece’s premiere.  Niel Nanyi Qiang has now joined the project as pianist and the premiere has been rescheduled to March 6 at Studio Z in St. Paul.  I very much look forward to hearing it!  ~Jeremy

…More Progress…

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Jeremy Wagner

I have now delivered the first movement of the piece to Kyle and I’m working to get the remaining movements edited and typeset.  We have secured the talents of Shannon Wettstein (Zeitgeist pianist) for the premiere.  While the work is technically challenging, I feel that it is in good hands with these musicians and look forward to the premiere on 30 January 2015 at Studio Z in St. Paul.  More to come ~J


Posted on September 15, 2014 by Jeremy Wagner

In fits and starts the new work moves forward.  After weeks of programming new software to realize the structural underpinning of the composition I now know the general shape of the work to come.  The compositional method that I’ve adopted in recent years tends to focus on erasure as the primary mode of expression–that is, I tend to build large structures that are systematically worn away to reveal musical material that is both momentarily interesting as well as emblematic of the deeper background.  It is a time-consuming approach, but one that always leads me to new territory and allows me to more easily surprise myself. I begin to dream of woodworking: planing and paring away material to discover the form contained within; the act of composition now a process of discovery. For now, I’m down to the task of honing and shaping the available materials into a compelling work of sonic sculpture.

It begins…

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Jeremy Wagner

I am very excited for the opportunity to once again work with Jeffery Kyle Hutchins.  I have promised him the completed score by mid-October and the performance should happen in the coldest part of winter in Minnesota.  I can’t wait.  It has been ages since I’ve seen the snow.  In the meantime, both of us will be doing interesting things.  My new website is in the works and you can follow Mr Hutchins here.


In Spring 2013 after premiering my work …auf einer grünen Aue… (2013) for saxophone duo, soloist Jeffery Kyle Hutchins approached me about the possibility of writing a chamber work for saxophone and piano. As a trained classical saxophonist myself, I am well acquainted with the extant literature and I quickly found myself in agreement that there exists very little radical new work for the saxophone/piano genre. Despite a very strong tradition of radical and experimental new work for solo saxophone, the repertory for saxophone w/piano remains comparatively sparse and dated, consisting of conservative styles eschewing modernist aesthetics. As Hutchins’ interest has increasingly gravitated towards radical and adventurously difficult new repertoire he finds there are few works for saxophone and piano that match the sophistication, complexity and aesthetics characteristic of his developed tastes.

The purpose of this project is to create a new work to showcase the talents of a great young virtuoso saxophonist while making a meaningful contribution to the modern literature for saxophone w/piano. I propose an athletic, multi-movement work, 15-20 minutes in length, composed in collaboration with Jeffery Kyle Hutchins for premiere in Fall 2014. This work will bring together the expressive range of modern saxophone technique with the virtuosic fury of my personal aesthetic. My work seeks to wrest the listener from normative modes of passive listening by offering a means of engaging an altered perception of the passage of events.  In this tradition, I envision this work as a highly choreographed, quasi-dramatic interchange centered on an underlying narrative of time and its perception, exploring the different ways in which our experience of the temporal can be expanded and compressed within the musical moment.

This new work will extend a series of duos and trios undertaken since my move to the Bay Area including …auf einer grünen Aue… for saxophone duo (2013), Oberleitung for violin duo (2013) and the forthcoming …und so weiter… for clarinet, vibraphone & contrabass (2014).   While these compositions are intended as individual concert works, taken together they form the basis of a planned large-scale chamber cycle that explores the intersection of rigorously derived material structures with chance operations as a vehicle for formidable virtuosic expression.  This latest work for saxophone and piano will be conceptually entwined with the other works of the cycle–emanating from the same structural material that unites the whole–and will help to define some of the structural parameters of the larger work.

As a frequent collaborator and champion of my work Jeffery Kyle Hutchins has already performed my work in recitals across the United States.  This latest work for saxophone/piano is intended for premiere by Hutchins in Minneapolis, MN in Fall 2014 as part of the Tuesday Night Salon series with planned further performances in the Bay Area in the year to follow.  I embrace the opportunity to once again work with this uniquely gifted artist and I look forward to realizing the creative potential of our continued collaboration.

Project Media

…auf einer grünen Aue… for saxophone duo
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This short work for two saxophones explores resonance arising at the intersection of incident planes of activity within a common physical space. The dialog between the two musicians is established through the rigorously determined recurrence of randomly conceived structures that are allowed to interpenetrate and feedback on one another to form a third entity in the space between the two performers. The work takes its name from a funerary text and is dedicated to the memory of Raymond Wagner.

Premiered 9 April 2013 Ted Mann Concert Hall

Tchotchke for Noriko Kawai (solo piano)
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Features: Jeremy Wagner

Written on the occasion of composer James Dillon’s 60th birthday this piece paints an exuberant, athletic portrait in tribute to a wonderful composer and friend. Tchotchke features wildly transformed traditional gestures, reminiscences of the ambitious complexities of Dillon’s early piano works, as well as audacious passages of pianistic fury. These curiosities are packaged in a short, tightly refined keepsake.

Premiered December 10, 2010• Ted Mann Concert Hall • Noriko Kawai, piano

Oberleitung for Duo Gelland (violin duo)
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Features: Jeremy Wagner

This short work for violin duo was written for the Swedish/German violin duo of Martin & Cecilia Gelland on the occasion of their visit to the Twin Cities in Fall 2013. The work is inspired by the contours of the San Francisco Bay Area skyline and the contemplation of the catenary curve as an organizing structure.

Premiered 7 October 2013, Lloyd Ultan Recital Hall, University of Minnesota

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Berkeley, California
Jeremy Wagner is a composer, tinkerer and sonic artist whose compositions probe the limits of human virtuosity. His work has been performed across the US and Europe by some of the world’s most gifted performers. Most recently, Jeremy’s work Pleonasme was premiered by the Arditti String Quartet at the Acanthes-Manifeste, IRCAM, Paris in July 2012…

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