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Cosmic Language

Cosmic Language utters a resonant exchange of intuitive belonging. It invites distortion, ambiguity, and celebrates unfamiliar sound cells.


I am writing to request $3,000 of financial support to compensate artists for the Cosmic Language public performance project. The venue is sponsored by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. Cosmic Language is a  documenting composed and improvised small-ensemble music. It will entail two open rehearsals and one ticketed performance in the black box theater of Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) in Queens, New York. The proposed project dates for Cosmic Language are July 7-13  2019.  It involves collaborating with my co-composer Aska Kaneko, and violist Stephanie Griffin, and hiring additional artists for 2nd violin, cello, bass violin, bass clarinet, audio recording, and video artist. The music samples are from a new percussion and strings CD I have produced, co-composed and arranged with violinist Aska Kaneko named Hana Dharma. We are targeting the JCAL audience in the Spring of 2019 to share an esteemed artistry we often present in more remote arenas, and to contribute to the enrichment of their youth.  JCAL, an incubator for creativity, is a 47-year-old multidisciplinary urban arts center built by and for the Southeast Queens community. JCAL programs represent and serve the diverse communities of Queens (over 185 languages spoken) and New York City. More than 52,000 people of all ages and backgrounds come through the center engaging in its children, teens, and adult programs including multicultural series in music, theater, and dance performances; film screenings and lectures; contemporary visual arts exhibitions; in-school artist residencies; a series of nearly 50 different art workshops; and free or low-cost after-school and summer programs. My work has always reflected the many cultures as I have been informed by in over 30 years performing music. Ms. Kaneko and I have extensive backgrounds in performing and recording in many international settings. This grant presents an opportunity to execute the outreach and mission goals I share with JCAL, enlist significant performing artists whom I have worked with, and to engage new artists. A theme in this new work is to address connections in humanity. We have designed two open rehearsals and one ticketed performance in the 100-seat black box theater. In the open rehearsals we will conduct post-session for questions and reflections from our audiences.  We will document several aspects of the performance, and create short riveting clips for the modern-day attention span. We are scheduled to perform this work in the Seed Artists Percussion Festival of Montclair NJ. May 4th 2019, and at the Cell Theater in Chelsea NYC. May 11th 2019. It is also flagged to be featured among other events that JCAL is launching to stimulate downtown Jamaica New York.         .    Pheeroan akLaff

Project Media

Collective Soul of Muga
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Pheeroan and Aska’s string quintet

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Jamaica, Queens, New York

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Montclair, New Jersey
Pheeroan akLaff  reflects music centered in ritual and imagination. He is connected to a milieu of mid-seventies music pioneers including Andrew Hill, Cecil Taylor, Reggie Workman, Henry Threadgill, Sonny Sharrock, Yamashita Yosuke, and maintains collaborations with a wide range of composers. Originally from Detroit. First recording: Remember Me Always by Emanuel Lasky.  Moved to New…

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New York, New York
Jamaica, New York
musician, co-composer


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