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Death With Interruptions – bringing a new opera to new audiences

LCCE's new production of Kurt Rohde's opera "Death With Interruptions" will be part of a 2017 national tour and live DVD recording project.

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Posted on November 30, 2017 by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

We successfully completed a full production weekend at Z Space and we are excited to share the concert video when it is complete! Thanks to all who supported, including New Music USA, and our private donors. The super titles that New Music USA funds went to helped clarify the production for all attendees, and Volti was an amazing partner to work with

This amounted to our biggest production, to date, in celebration of our 25th Season. Thank you!




Left Coast Chamber Ensemble [LCCE] is creating a newly staged production of Kurt Rohde’s 2015 opera Death With Interruptions as part of their first national tour/live DVD recording project. Premiered by LCCE in March 2015, Death With Interruptions is a daring new chamber opera that captivates the audience from the first instant.

With rehearsals beginning in December 2016, performances are scheduled for March – April 2017 at the Pitzer Music Center on the UC Davis campus [which will be live streamed], at the Music in the Mountains Festival in Nevada City, and at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York. LCCE teams up with composer Kurt Rohde, director Barbara Heroux, conductor Matilda Hofman, librettist Thomas Laqueur, the chorus Volti, lighting designer Anthony Powers, costume designer Jennifer Gosalves, and singers Nikki Einfeld, Joe Dan Harper and Daniel Cilli to create an unforgettable blending of words, drama, comedy, music and invention. This new production, recording, and tour will excite national interest in LCCE’s largest and most adventurous commission to date.

Premiered at ODC Theater in March 2015, Death With Interruptions is an absorbing story where the power of music and dance transform death into a human woman as she falls in love with a cellist and seduces him. Lasting 75 minutes, Death With Interruptions is a single-act chamber opera divided into three scenes. Because of the centrality of music in the story, the instruments and their players are placed onstage with the singers, and the performance requires mininal props and no sets. Instead, a focus on the music is reflected in the stage directions; The singers’ characters interact onstage with the musicians and instruments, and are compelled to play humble instruments of their own. As music transforms the characters onstage, the entire audience––including both die-hard opera fans and people who don’t usually go to concerts––is seduced by Kurt Rohde’s Death With Interruptions, this arresting transformation to the genre.

As part of LCCE’s effort to document and assist in the production of these performances, New Music/USA funding will help increase visibility and raise the profile of this new work and the performers in two distinct ways:

-by allowing us to communicate the libretto clearly and directly through the addition of portable projected supertitles that will easily travel between venues and allow the audiences to enjoy the work more fully, and
-by helping us disseminate this new work to new audiences by producing a DVD using video and sound from the live performances in Davis, Nevada City and New York. This HD video will be available in a downloadable format on the LCCE website and as a DVD disc.

To watch the full opera, click this link.

To watch highlights from the opera, click this link.

Project Media

LCCE premieres Kurt Rohde’s “Death With Interruptions” – an opera in one act [2014-15]
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“In a small Iberian country death decided to stop working. At first everyone was overjoyed but soon all concerned – the Church, the state, the undertakers, the insurance companies – realized that the situation was dire. The Maphia offered temporary relief but could not really replace death. death decides to start working again but under new and more regular conditions those who will die will get a timely notice. She informs the ministry of her intentions.”

Visit https://vimeo.com/139761267 to get more detailed information about the work.

Nikki Einfeld sings György Ligeti’s “Mysteries of the Macabre” with the UCD Symphony Orchestra
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Features: Nikki Einfeld

György Ligeti – “Mysteries of the Macabre”
UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, March 2013
Christian Baldini, conductor
Nikki Einfeld, soprano

Program from LCCE premiere of “Death With Interruptions”

The concert program from LCCE’s March 2015 premiere performances of “Death With Interruptions”contains information about the production and performers, the libretto, notes from the composer, director and librettist, and an outline of the opera.

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