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Dispatches from the Unknown

A Podcast Series Exploring the Creative Process, Season 1: New Solo Works by Fabian Almazan, Anna Webber, Satoshi Takeishi, and Ike Sturm

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Premiere Concert

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Inner Arts Initiative

[Dispatches from the Unknown premiere concert teaser]


Hello! Chris Dingman here from Inner Arts Initiative. On behalf of the participating artists and our team at Inner Arts, I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to everyone at New Music USA for the support and for this opportunity to share more about the new podcast/series Dispatches from the Unknown.


At the heart of this series is the creation of new work and an in depth look at the stories and processes behind it. We have commissioned Fabian Almazan, Anna Webber, Ike Sturm, and Satoshi Takeishi to compose new solo works.


The concert to premiere all this new music took place at The Stone in NYC on February 21, 2017. It was a riveting set of performances by these fantastic performer-composers. Attached to this update I’ve included a little audio teaser with snippets of recordings from each piece.  There was also a panel talk following the performance. It was inspiring to hear everyone’s perspectives, and a nice chance to “compare notes” on each artist’s vision and process. 


On the podcast front, we have been recording interviews with each artist as they have developed their pieces. We are nearing completion of the interviews with only one interview remaining, and the podcast episodes are currently in production. Official launch date coming soon !


Recordings are being made of each piece and will be available for purchase as downloads once the podcast episodes are launched. We are very excited for more people to hear this amazing music and the stories behind its creation. 


Many thanks for reading, we’ll look forward to being in touch soon!



Where does music come from? What drives people to create it, and how do they do it? We seek answers to these questions and more in the new series Dispatches from the Unknown.

Equal parts podcast, commission, recording, and live performance series, Dispatches asks big questions about music and the creative process. The series seeks to shed light on how people connect with their inner creative spark, to open listeners to new creative possibilities and processes, and to help make instrumental music and the art of improvisation more accessible to a wider audience. This is done in the spirit of inspiring creativity, and forging stronger connections between audiences, performers, and composers.


Season 1 features four fresh musical voices: NYC-based artists at the cutting edge of instrumental and electronic improvised music.

Fabian Almazan – piano
A new solo piano work inspired by Cuban folkloric tradition, exploring his heritage and life experience through his personal artistic lens

Anna Webber – flutes & electronics
A piece investigating the interaction of extended techniques, electronic samples, and improvisational language for multiple flutes and a tape piece

Satoshi Takeishi – prepared hammer dulcimer & electronics
Percussionist Takeishi creates a hauntingly beautiful world of sound with a modified and prepared dulcimer amplified via contact mic, inspired by the work of John Cage, interacting in real time with electronically manipulated samples of the same instrument

Ike Sturm – bass
A new work for 5-string hollow-body electric bass inspired by influences from the crossroads of ambient electronic music and jazz

Each of these artists is being documented throughout the process of creating their new work, including:

  • interviews before, during, and after composing their piece
  • audio recordings of the composition process
  • a final studio-quality recording of the new piece


These interviews and sounds are then woven into a podcast episode detailing the creation the new work from beginning to end. Each episode explores the artist’s background and mission, their methods and techniques, inspirations and influences, challenges and solutions, and how all of the above play into the current piece they are working on. We get inside the minds of these artists as they move forward in their work.


A studio-quality recording of each piece will be available for purchase through the Inner Arts Initiative website and Bandcamp page.


Feb 21, 2017 – World Premiere of all 4 pieces at The Stone in NYC
Performance followed by a panel talk with the artists and audience Q&A

Project Media

Fragment #3
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Features: Satoshi Takeishi

Fragment #3 is part of a solo electronic work for found
objects, junk percussion and tape style audio manipulation.
This is the last part of the three-part electronic work “Fragments” by Satoshi Takeishi which will be released in 2017. From cassette tape to digital recorder, countless audio events have been recorded and then forgotten. Fragments follows the emotional reaction to a composer’s audio memory trapped in recorded media.

Tug O’War
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Features: Anna Webber

Anna Webber’s Simple Trio, with Matt Mitchell and John Hollenbeck from the her 2016 release Binary. This piece plays with tension and release, pushing and pulling, on both a macro and micro level. In the first section, measures of polyrhythmic activity and inactivity slowly lengthen, culminating in a percussion solo. The second section, a release, is an open flute and piano solo. Outside this clip, the third section is more active again, with sections slowly shortening in duration, and the final section is a long slow polyrhythmic release.

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Last update on July 19, 2017

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