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"Echoes," two live performances by Yass Hakoshima Movement Theater with live music by the Sirius Quartet, visualizes music through dance

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Posted on October 30, 2014 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

Now we are able to let our  followers know about the planned Echoes tour to Germany,

we tried very hard to coordinate musicians and presenters to make Echoes happening in Germany, however, the music group we approached was unable to commit to our requests, I.e. Playing George Crumb music, as it would be too much rehearsal time and the financial requests they had were too steep for the presenter to  accommodate .as a result, we have to resort to recorded sound . A rather sad solution after having performed with the Sirius Quartet, thanks to the wonderful support of New Music USA and the G R Dodge Foundation, who made it possible.

Nevertheless, we will be performing at least some of Echoes on November 30. 2014 at DansArt Theatre in Bielefeld, Germany.

We look forward to hopefully performing Echoes once again with Life Music, whenever there  might be an opportunity.  Vive life Music with Dance!

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Posted on September 27, 2014 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

Hurrah! WE have finally been able to get a copy of “Echoes”  posted on Vimeo.  It took months for this to happen and we are extremely happy that we can share  this video with you, our followers and all interested musicians and performers.

Enjoy watching it, and please let us know what you think about it.

Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/107311183


Posted on August 25, 2014 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

Hello to all our friends and followers: we wanted to show you our “Echoes” video here, but… having endless problems with Vimeo, where we have our other videos uploaded. 

Please be patient a little longer, until we solve the problem. 

We also like to let you know, that we are preparing to take “Echoes” on tour to Germany. As soon as we have the dates  fixed, we will announce it here with all the details. 

Looking forward to a great new season!

“Echoes” Premiere, on April 17.

Posted on April 27, 2014 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

We are pleased to report, that the premiere of “Echoes”  worked out extremely well, and all  earlier questions regarding the collaboration were  fulfilled beautifully.

In addition to the Crumb and Tower works, the talented musicians  composed an additional three works for music  alone. (without dance) in order to give the dancers time for costume changes.

The program began with a composition by the violinist Fung Chern Hwei, entitled “Ceili,” a work for piano, cello, violin and clarinet.

Followed by “Under Water Phantasy”  with George Crumb’s music “Vox Balaenae” (Voices of the Whale), a trio for three masked players: piano,  cello and  clarinet.  Here choreographer Yass Hakoshima appeared , using a sculptural  vase by Toshiko Takaezu as a focal point on stage. As an ancient whale hunter is rowing in a deep ocean, suddenly meeting a group of whales. He follows them without being able to catch any whale, but excitingly experiences a strange journey. 

The musical descriptions of the work by Crumb are: Vocalise (For the beginning of time) Variations on Sea-Time, Archeozoic, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, Sea nocturne (for the end of time)

This was followed by another music work  with composition by Vasko Dukovski entitled: “In Bb, Maybe,” for flute, piano, violin, cello and clarinet.

Joan Tower’s work “Petroushskates” is Yass Hakoshima’s  creative choreography for “Ningyo” (puppet)  and he says about this piece:”Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us are in some way  controlled or driven by unseen powers. ”  Here Yass Hakoshima and Christopher Byrnes  are challenged by Joan Tower’s music for violin, cello, flute, piano and clarinet

After the intermission a composition by Jeremy Harman, entitled “Heal” followed, performed by violin, clarinet and cello.

The last work “Echoes,”.the highlight of the program, was introduced by Jeremy Harrman, as he introduced the audience  to the music by George Crumb “Eleven Echoes of Autumn.” He invited the audience to recite with him  the words of the “Eleven Echoes,” which George Crumb described as  taken from a poem by Garcia Lorca:  LOS ARCOS ROTOS, DON DE SUF REE EL TEM-PO.   

This work is for  violin, flute, clarinet and piano.

Hakoshima describes this work: “A young priestess is studying to achieve the buddhistic way of purification  in a deep mountain shrine. But she still carries ordinary human weaknesses in her, like sorrow, sadness, hate, anger and fear. A variety of mountain echoes sometimes wrap her up with happiness, joy and enlightenment. Suddenly the explosive , negative powers knock her down. She survives these inner struggles and strongly returns to her daily training.

Echoes is choreohrapher Yass Hakoshima’s new work. For the first time he attempts a modified version of Noh Theatre (the oldest Japanese theatre form). Yass hopes that the spectator will get a little taste of the ancient, elegant spirit of Noh Play, including the inspiring  score “Eleven Echoes of Autumn” by American composer George Crumb.  

The performance was followed by a reception, organized by Danmari’s board members and volunteers,  for the audience to meet and greet the artists. –  A very enthusiastic audience engaged in  long conversations and discussions  with all cast members. Especially excited were they about the vitality and  enthusiasm  of the musicians and their energetic performance of this very challenging music. 

In fact a young composer attended the performance  and offered to compose music for the ensemble. 

As we had invited  George Crumb to attend our performance, we received a very nice, personal note from the composer, that he would have loved to attend the performance, but due to physical problems he was not able to make a trip from Pennsylvania  to Bloomfield, NJ.  He was honored, that we chose to perform his music.  

We would love to attach the video of this performance, but will have to wait a few days, until we receive the DVD from our videographer. 

The musicians have expressed a wish to come to Yass Hakoshima’s studio  in Montclair, to perform some musical works  for interested audiences, as they felt during one of the rehearsals, that the acoustics in the studio were so very special.

We are so grateful to NewMusic USA and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to believe in our work , and to have  continously given support for the “Live Music for Dance” projects.

Without this support we would never be able to  work with live music. 


Posted on April 15, 2014 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

JUst as changes happen in life, so do plans in the performing world:  we had hoped to have Alisha Stauss again be our lighting designer as last season, when we found out that she had moved away from the East Coast area. We were lucky in finding Elaine Wong, head lighting designer at Montclair State University’s Memorial Auditorium, to be our “Echoes” lighting designer.  We are very much excited to collaborate with this high caliber designer. 

Another change in planning occurred, when Yass Hskoshima, choreographer decided to  work  with Joan Tower’s music “Petroushskates”  instead of George Crumb’s “Black Angels.”

“Petroushskates” is a Quintet for piano, violin, cello, flute and clarinet.It is a challoenging work for the musicians., but very inspiring for Yass. He choreographed “Ningyo”  (puppet)  with joan Tower’s music,  He is joined on stage by Christopher Byrnes, who has collaborated in other works of yass’ as well. 

The Newark Star Ledger published  an interview by Robert Johnson, dance critic, with Yass Hakoshima. The online version can be seen at http://bit.ly/1p6ZOsS. Johnson calls  his article “Echoes of a collaboration between East and West.”   

In an interview with the Montclair Times on April 10, Yass Hakoshima said” I have been working  with George Crumb’s music for 15 Years. I love music, I can’t do anything else”Hakoshima’s work is a deliberate fusion of Eastern and Western styles. “


Posted on April 13, 2014 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

We like to tell all our friends about the progress of the “Echoes” story.

Yass Haskoshima, choreographer and also performer, has been working in the studio endless hours  with the music of George Crumb, which inspired him to create this work. 

Right now, musicians and dancers are rehearsing as much as they possibly can find time to do so. 

In addition to the members of the Sirius Quartet, Fung Chern Hwei, violin and Jeremy Harman, cello, the guest artists are: Nicole Camacho, flute, Wenhan Anderson. piano and Vasko Dukovski, Clarinet. 

We hope that many of you will be able to attend the premiere performance on April 17, at 7:30 PM , at Westminster Arts Center, Bloomfield, NJ, 449 Franklin Street. for tickets: http://www.yasshakoshima.com/performances.html

Tickets are $20 (regular) $15 (seniors & students) $12 (group of 5 or more)  For information please call: 973-783-9845.

We love to hear from you, and look forward to seeing you at the “Echoes” premiere  performance. Don’t miss this unique  event.


We respectfully seek support from New Music USA for two performances of “Echoes” by the Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre with live music by the Sirius Quartet. A free preview on April 16th at Glenfield Middle School in Montclair, NJ will reach a diverse group of 400 students. An April 17th public performance will reach an additional 400 attendees at the Westminster Performing Arts Center at Bloomfield College. This program was developed by Yass as a visualization of music by the American avant-garde composer George Crumb. A sculpture by Japanese ceramist Toshiko Takaezu will be incorporated into the set and choreography.

Hakoshima’s choreography for “Echoes” will be set to Crumb’s:

  • Eleven Echoes of Autumn, 1965 (Echoes I) (1966), for violin, alto flute, clarinet, and piano
  • Black Angels (Images I) (1970), for electric string quartet
  • Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale) (1971), for electric flute, electric cello, and amplified piano

Crumb’s unique tonality of the work reminds Yass of the classical Japanese performance form of Noh Theatre and Gagaku music, which combines elements of dance, drama, music and poetry into one highly aesthetic stage art. The performance is influenced by this oldest surviving form of Japanese theater, with roots as far back as the eleventh century.

Crumb is noted as an explorer of unusual timbres, alternative forms of notation, and extended instrumental techniques. Many of his works call for amplication of instruments. His music contains an intense humanism, which is reflected in his personal definition of music: “a system of proportions in the service of spiritual impulse.”

Eleven Echoes of Autumn will be performed without interruption. Each echo exploits different sounds ranging from haunting and intense to gently undulating and prayer-like.

Voice of the Whale was inspired by the singing of the humpback whale. This work has a simple three-part design, consisting of a prologue, a set of variations named after geological eras, and an epilogue.

Black Angels, subtitled Thirteen Images from the Dark Land, is a work for electric string quartet. The piece is notable for its unconventional instrumentation, which calls for electric string instruments, crystal glasses, and two suspended tam-tam gongs.

Yass will visualize these various compositions and live music through an engaging and emotional movement performance that will include three additional dancers that will be selected by audition in January.

To learn more about Yass Hakoshima and his mime and movement theater, please watch this feature on NJTVs State of the Arts program: http://watch.njtvonline.org/video/2198027479/

Danmari Ltd., through the Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre and the NJ Center for Mime, furthers the artistic development of mime through the creation and performance of new and repertory works, mime training and other educational programs. These programs expand the understanding of this ancient art form for a diverse audience, inspiring and exposing children and adults to better understand how the experience of mime and movement theatre can be applied to Western contemporary life. Danmari’s goals include: 1) developing new audiences for mime and movement theatre, 2) encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations, and 3) encouraging international understanding and multicultural tolerance.

Project Media

Meian–Two Faces
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MEIAN (revised 2013).
Music: Ghost Opera Acts 1, 4, and 5 (1995).

Music by Sirius Quartet with Pipa Solo by Min Xiao-Fen.

Choreography and Performance by Yass Hakoshima and Lilian Amador-Marty.

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From a performance at Ailey Theater, March 2008.
Through objective action, the artist conveys through subtle and powerful movements an eagle’s strength, beauty and spirit.

Samir Chatterjee on tabla.

Insane Shogun
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During medieval times in Japan the Shogun often felt pursued by assassins, which caused him to become paranoid.

Music: “Pipa” by Hsu-Po-Yun.

Pipa soloist: Min Xiao-Fen.

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Westminster Performing Arts Center, Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, New Jersey

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Yass Hakoshima (artistic director, choreographer, and performer) began his career while dancing with the Yokoyama Ballet troupe in Japan. His initial success led him to the United States, where he studied modern dance with Erick Hawkins and mime with Etienne Decroux. In the late 1960s Hakoshima made his stage debut in New York, and thereafter…

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