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Edgefest 2015: Wake Up Calls from the Edge

An international festival; presenting new music, composed and improvised; concerts, master classes and free events in downtown Ann Arbor.


Kerrytown Concert House presents the 19th annual Edgefest; “Wake Up Calls from the Edge”.

Edgefest has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative music festivals in this country; presenting world-class cutting-edge jazz, creative improvisation, and category-defying music often ignored in the commercial marketplace. The artists/composers who participate in Edgefest and its various outreach activities increase the public’s appreciation for and understanding of this creative and improvisational musical genre as well as promote their own individual and unique compositions. Edgefest 2015’s unifying purpose is to pay tribute to the world of trumpet players (along with cornet and flugelhorn) who are composers/leaders and consummate collaborators, representing a variety of styles from masters such as Joe McPhee to todays emerging masters Taylor Ho Bynum and Peter Evans. Diverse audiences from the Southeastern Michigan/Northern Ohio area and beyond have a rare opportunity to be exposed to an innovative art form, expanding their musical, cultural, and worldviews of art music through a series of free and ticketed public concerts in downtown Ann Arbor with related educational activities. Participating Michigan artists meet/collaborate with international touring artists, enhancing their own network and career opportunities.

“The annual rite of fall in Michigan music…running off the beaten tracks.” – Downbeat

“… indispensable part of the local cultural calendar.” – Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

Ticketed concerts take place at KCH (115) and in nearby church (400). Concerts are digitally recorded for archive and artist use. Two concerts are broadcast live by PR station WCBN.

Events include:

  • 14 ticketed concerts
  • Master classes/open rehearsals/ Meet composer talks 1) Composer/cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum with composer/drummer Andrew Drury and composer/trumpeter/saxophonist Joe McPhee work with Community HS jazz students at KCH. 2) Taylor Ho Bynum conducts open rehearsals of a “trumpet heavy” large ensemble performing his own compositions. (UMich students, free- lance community players and other Edgefest artists participating). 3) THBynum organizes public interview with Detroit Jazz Master Marcus Belgrave. 4) Tim Berne conducts public master class with UMich students. 5) Peter Evans gives pre concert talk about extended techniques on trumpet.
  • Taylor Ho Bynum with 7-tette members: 4 middle school residency activities in under-funded school. KCH has a 10-year relationship with Scarlett Middle School and the teacher works in collaboration with Edgefest artist teachers to enhance the students’ musical education and broaden their musical experience.
  • 5 free “fringe” concerts in non-traditional venues: Edgefest guest and area artists collaborate; performing at restaurants and cafés in the historic Kerrytown area and Encore Records downtown. The Fringe includes the annual Edgefest Parade on Saturday with picnic following; led this year by Taylor Ho Bynum.

At KCH, one cannot avoid “meeting the composer”! One is never more than 8 rows from composer/performers as they speak/perform. Post concert receptions encourage more interaction.

KCH is in its 30th season as presenter. Edgefest has received many awards including the ASCAP/CMA award for adventurous programming. NEA has funded this project for 7 years. With additional financial support from area businesses and individuals, and NEW MUSIC USA, KCH uses its honed artistic and administrative skills to keep this unique festival alive and well.

Project Media

Excerpt of “Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head”- Survival Unit III
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Features: Joe McPhee

Excerpt of “Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head” from “Game Theory” by Survival Unit III: Joe McPhee – alto saxophone, pocket trumpet; Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello, electronics; Michael Zerang – percussion

Excerpt of “TRIST” – Taylor Ho Bynum 7-tette
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Features: Taylor Ho Bynum

Excerpt of “TRIST” from “Navigation” by the Taylor Ho Bynum 7-tette: Taylor Ho Bynum – composition/cornet; Jim Hobbs – alto saxophone; Bill Lowe – bass trombone, tuba; Mary Halvorson – guitar; Ken Filiano – bass; Tomas Fujiwara – drums; Chad Taylor – drums

“Body and Soul “- Peter Evans, trumpet
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Features: Peter Evans

Self-recorded solo by Peter Evans, played during a visit to Oberlin College in August 2009. Recorded in Fairchild Chapel.

Start and End Dates



Ann Arbor, Michigan

Project Created By

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mission Statement: Kerrytown Concert House exists to support the artistic community; artists, music teachers, audience members. “Kerrytown has filled an important niche in Ann Arbor’s musical culture . . . the House has proved so invaluable that one wonders how Ann Arbor ever survived without it…a musical Mecca…” – Ann Arbor News Founded in June 1984…

In Collaboration With

Composer and Performer
New Haven, Connecticut
Composer and Performer
Brooklyn, New York
Queens, New York


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