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Eko Nova – premiere season

Great music for the modern soul. Sound Unbound.

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The Premiere Season Draws to a Close

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Omaha Chamber Music Society

Dancing in Chains, the final performance of Eko Nova’s premiere season, was presented on May 2 to a captivated audience.  Eko Nova artistic director and clarinetist John Klinghammer was joined by four members of the Kansas City Symphony — Sunho Kim, Stephanie Cathcart, Philip Kramp and Maria Crosby. The highlight of the evening was the quintet’s performance of Gumboots, by David Bruce. Before hearing the music, the audience had a chance to see a short video of South African gumboot dancing, the inspiration for the composition.

The Omaha Chamber Music Society and KANEKO are thrilled by the opportunity to bring this great new music to the  Omaha community, and are grateful to New Music USA for helping to make the premiere season possible.

Stay tuned for the second season of outstanding new music!

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Dancing in Chains – Coming May 2

Posted on April 5, 2016 by Omaha Chamber Music Society

Dancing in Chains will be the final performance of the premiere season of Eko Nova. The event takes place on May 2 at KANEKO, and will feature members of the Kansas City Symphony, joined by Eko Nova’s own Artistic Director John Klinghammer. 

Dancing in Chains has as its centerpiece a true masterwork by composer David Bruce entitled “Gumboots”. Bruce draws his title and inspiration from Gumboot Dancing, a tradition born out of the brutal labor conditions of South Africa under Apartheid, where black miners were chained together and wore wellington boots while they worked in the flooded mines. Pierre Jalbert’s “Icefield Sonnets” explores both the stillness and potential violence inherent in “coldness”. And Caroline Shaw’s “Entr’acte” is a perfect opener for any Eko Nova concert – a 21st century exploration of music for string quartet in the style of Franz Joseph Haydn. Kansas City Symphony musicians Sunho Kim, Stephanie Cathcart, Philip Kramp, and Maria Crosby are joined by Eko Nova Artistic Director and clarinetist John Klinghammer in this joyful finale to Eko Nova’s first season.

Fiddle ‘N Blues

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Omaha Chamber Music Society

The third performance of the premiere season of Eko Nova took place on February 29. Fiddle ‘N Blues showcased four talented performers from the Omaha community – Elizabeth Furuta, Thomas Kluge, Paul Ledwon and Danielle Meier – who performed challenging and varied music for strings. The concert centered around music of Mark O’Connor, and included new music drawing on the influences of folk, blues and fiddle. 

The concert was well attended, and received excellent feedback. Comments include –

It was like having a concert in my living room. Very intimate and enjoyable.

Small group setting for musical performance, with a good use of media to help put the pieces into context

The program was really impressive.

Good to hear new music. Dani is one hell of a bass player.

Enjoy this recording of Appalachia Waltz, the closing work on Fiddle ‘N Blues. And watch for the final Eko Nova event: Dancing In Chains on May 2 at KANEKO.

Coming Soon – Fiddle N Blues

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Omaha Chamber Music Society

We are grateful to New Music USA for its support of the premiere season of Eko Nova. It is exciting to bring these performances to the Omaha community, and we are happy to have drawn large and growing audiences for our first two events.

The third performance on the Eko Nova series is Fiddle ‘n Blues, taking place on February 29. It centers around two works by composer and violin/fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Connor. Taking a cue from O’Connor’s efforts to meld the classical world with fiddle music and improvisation, our program features new works for strings rooted in the folk music of China, the Balkans, and Appalachia. Whether it’s the funky counterpoint of John Clayton’s “Bach to Blues” or the strains of fiddling in Aaron Jay Kernis’s Mozart en Route, this freewheeling program will challenge preconceptions about genre and form as it gets you smiling and tapping along. The Omaha Symphony’s newly appointed 2nd Associate Principal Violin Elizabeth Furuta joins Principal Cellist Paul Ledwon, Principal Violist Thomas Kluge and Bassist Danielle Meier for this lighthearted classical jam session.

If you are in Omaha at the end of the month, stop by KANEKO and join us for a fun evening of great music.


Eko Nova is a collaboration between the Omaha Chamber Music Society and The KANEKO, dedicated to presenting breathtaking new music in a modern space. Eko Nova introduces Omaha audiences to some of the most innovative and inspiring musical works being written today. Eko Nova presents virtuosic performances from the region’s finest musicians, plus guest appearances by extraordinary artists from around the country, all as one-hour events that will appeal to a diverse crowd, from lovers of contemporary art, to classical music fans, to indie band enthusiasts.


Through these hour-long events, fine professional musicians explore and share recent works for chamber ensembles, breaking free of pre-conceived notions of chamber music and exploring new possibilities. The target audience for these events is non-traditional, and promotional activities reach out through social media, area bars and clubs, and other similar activities for young professionals to bring new audiences to the chamber music form. These are musical events, not just concerts, and include social gatherings, video biographies and multimedia components in addition to the live performances.


Four performances are planned for the first season. September’s event featured the Principal Flute and Associate Principal Viola of the Omaha Symphony, joined by the Principal Harp of the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra. These talented musicians presented music largely composed in the last ten years, and demonstrated the new and unexpected ways these instruments work together. The event reached an audience of over 100 people, and included performances of “Embracing the Wind” by Robert Patterson, “Beware of” by Hanah Clyne, “I Will Not Be Sad In This World” by Eve Belgarian and “Stalk” by Hanah Lash. arx duo, featured in November, is a dynamic young ensemble trained at the Yale Percussion Studio. They will demonstrate the excitement and artistic possibilities of percussion chamber music. February and May performances will draw professional musicians from the greater Omaha and Kansas City areas, and will include music for string quartet, clarinet and double bass.


Outreach and education events, including talks, demonstrations, and masterclasses, are planned surrounding these performances, particularly targeting local university students.


The Omaha Chamber Music Society is a volunteer run non-profit organization that has served the greater Omaha community since 2000 with outstanding performances, educational programs, outreach and community service. In the 2014-15 season, it reached over 4600 people.  KANEKO is a public non-profit cultural organization exploring and encouraging the process of creativity, and how it impacts our lives. Established in 1998 by international artist Jun Kaneko and his wife Ree, KANEKO is an institution with a vision to celebrate creativity and is committed to fostering it with four major programming themes: Design, Idea, Performance, and Innovation.


Omaha Chamber Music Society and KANEKO believe that this collaboration is an important opportunity to bring new ideas and creativity to the greater Omaha community. By working together and reaching out to new audience segments, Eko Nova exposes people to new musical experiences, opens minds to new ideas and to the connections between music traditions, and supports the growth and future direction of chamber music.



Project Media

arx duo – Book of Grooves
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arx duo will be featured performers on the November 30, 2015 Eko Nova event. This 2013 performance by arx duo of Alejandro Vineo’s Book of Grooves demonstrates their high level of artistic accomplishment. The passage from 1:00 to 2:00 is representative.

Sabina by Andrew Norman
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This is the closing work on the program at the premiere Eko Nova event: Night Visions. Brian Sherwood, Associate Principal Viola of the Omaha Symphony, performed Sabina by Andrew Norman. The passage from 3:15 to 5:10 demonstrates the level of Brian’s virtuosity. Sabina was composed in 2008-09, and was inspired by an early morning visit to one of Rome’s oldest churches. For the rest of the program, Brian was joined by Maria Harding, Principal Flute of the Omaha Symphony, and Katie Wychulis, Principal Harp of the Lincoln and Boulder Symphonies.

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