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Eleven Eleven

Eleven dances in eleven months, featuring new work of 16 choreographers, each piece exploring the unusual nature of its performance setting, from an old Mexican restaurant, to a state-of-the-art brewhouse, to a 27-acre village of tiny homes.

The Latest Update

Rehearsals have begun for 11:11:11 – “Finale” – in the wilds of Carson Creek Ranch!

Posted on August 18, 2017 by Jennifer Sherburn

A beloved home for the arts in the Texas hill country, Carson Creek has hosted music festivals like Euphoria Fest and Psych Fest, what with its natural amphitheater flanked by a winding river. But over the next few weeks, we will be transforming the space into a spectacle of movement and thanksgiving.

Centered around the idea of a giant waltz and its history – a symbol of communal gratitude and celebration – this show brings together art from several corners. Our final, parting piece for 11:11 will be scored by composer Justin Sherburn and his 4-piece band, and performed by a 40+ cast of 11:11 collaborators, including core series dancers, technicians, artists, and musicians. Each night, audience members will also get to enjoy a true celebration, with food from farm-to-table Chef Sonya Cote, and a pop-up of her restaurant Eden East. 11:11:11 opens Wednesday, September 6, with a four-night run through Saturday, September 9.

The run-up to our largest show in the series comes on the heels of amazing write-ups from local press. “Creative space: Dance series finds new ways to bring art to Austin,” penned by Claire Canavan for the Austin American-Statesman, devoted its article to the creative process behind our series. The Statesman was also generous enough to attend one of our most recent installments, 11:11:09, held at Community First! Village: a 27-acre master-planned community founded by Alan Graham of Mobile Loaves and Fishes.
Meanwhile, the Austin Chronicle’s Wayne Alan Brenner had this to say about the series last May: “Just considering the scope and depth of its ambition, the project is remarkable. But this is a Jennifer Sherburn undertaking – we’ve rhapsodized about her kinetic arrangements of humans-and-environment before.” Brittani Sonnenberg at TRIBEZA Magazine chimed in, too, in a feature spread last April: “Sherburn brings a supple response to each aspect of her choreography, subtly allowing herself to be influenced and inspired by what surrounds her.”

Wow! We are incredibly grateful to our local Austin press for creating a groundswell of support. It’s our community and its enthusiasm that is making this huge, final show possible. Thank you Austin American-Statesman, Austin Chronicle, TRIBEZA, and so many more!

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Posted on August 1, 2017 by Jennifer Sherburn

Announcing 11:11:10 — the tenth installment in our Austin-based 11:11 dance series — featuring an almost entirely male cast. While exploring the tidy, modern environs of IMPACT HUB, a fresh co-working space in the northern corner of our city, Jennifer’s new piece entitled Lapse will also consider the history of the space as a former indoor swimming pool and outpost for our state’s storied – and complicated – law enforcement division, the Texas Rangers. Lapse features original music by Juliana Scheffield and William West. 11:11:10 will open with a new work from the 10th artist in residence, Kelly Hasandras and Co-choreographer Olivia O’Hare.   

But the momentum doesn’t stop there: we are also running up on our 11:11:11 finale show at the famed Carson Creek Ranch, a sprawling hill country home for the arts, regularly hosting large-scale music festivals such as Euphoria Fest and Psych Fest. Unlike the relative intimacy of 11:11:10, this show will feature an astonishingly large performer cast – inviting on-stage every artist, technician and volunteer, who has ever helped bring 11:11 to life over this past year, alongside the dancers from every 11:11 show. More on the making of the dance, music and experience of the Finale soon! 


Jennifer Sherburn and Natalie George Productions presents 11:11, eleven dances in eleven months, November 2016 – September 2017.

General Information

Eleven Eleven is an Austin-based arts project featuring fresh choreographic work from over 16 local and national choreographers, produced in different venues throughout Austin, TX. Each month, Jennifer Sherburn will create a new dance and host a different artist-in-residence – at least one other choreographer – to share the stage in an evening of dance for one weekend per month.  The artists-in-residence feature local and national artists, including award-winning Rosalyn Nasky, Ellen Bartel of Ellen Bartel Dance Collective, and Dawn Stoppiello of Troika Ranch.


Eleven Eleven has a mission to embrace the community in which it resides, open the doors wide for artistic collaborations, and deeply consider the space specific to each production. To make this happen, Jennifer and her collaborators transform non-traditional venues into site-specific performance spaces by connecting with the architecture, the history and the people that live there today. Throughout the eleven months, Jennifer and Natalie have invited artists of different media to collaborate, responding to the space and and collaborating with the choreographers.

Collaborators + Partnerships

Some of the artists include internationally acclaimed composers, William West, Catherine Davis, Julianna Sheffield and Justin Sherburn, French Sculptor Bernard Perroud, Set Designer Yvonne Boudreaux of, ‘The Son,’ Choreographers Olivia O’Hare and Silva Laukannen of Body Shift, Lighting Designers Natalie George, Stephen Pruitt and Kate Ducey. 

Eleven Eleven has partnerships with many businesses, property owners and open-minded individuals alike to provide venues across Austin, making Art Pop from the city it lives in. Darting between new developments and pre-existing establishments, Eleven Eleven collaborates with folks new to dance and breathes creative life into businesses to come.


Jennifer Sherburn began choreographing in 2000, studying under Allison Orr of Forklift Danceworks. She then pursued a Dance Theatre degree at the University of Hawaii and London Contemporary Dance School. After college, she relocated to NYC to work with Internationally renowned dance company, Troika Ranch. Jennifer remains a collaborator with Troika Ranch and Forklift Danceworks.

Jennifer is now partnered with Natalie George Productions. Natalie was the Producing Director for the Fusebox Festival for years and has branched out on her own to do what she does best — produce really rad stuff in un-expected places. Natalie is a lighting designer, choreographer performing artist and producer with a pulse on the Austin scene.

11:11:07 from Mattias Alegro Marasigan on Vimeo.

11:11:02 – Summary from Jennifer Sherburn on Vimeo.


Creative spaces: Dance series finds new ways to bring art to Austin,” Austin American-Statesman (August 2017)

Jennifer Sherburn’s 11:11,” Austin Chronicle (May 2017)

Let it all in: Jennifer Sherburn’s choreography of radical receptivity,” TRIBEZA (April 2017) 

Eleven Eleven is listed as a ‘TOP 10 ARTS-RELATED PROGRAM ACTIVITIES OF 2016’ – Wayne Alan Brenner, Austin Chronicle

Project Media

Arena by Jennifer Sherburn
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Arena is a site-specific dance created inside of a Dressage Riding School with a beautiful, expansive view of the Hill Country featuring an exceptional cast, original music score by one of Austin’s favorite local musicians, Justin Sherburn and Lighting Design by the talented Natalie George. With deep consideration of this unique venue, Arena draws from the landscape, the architecture, the history, the heritage and the passionate people that live there today. Following the performance we offered a family-style feast from a guest chef each night.

That Man is Walking on Air (Featured on Monolith)
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Features: Justin Sherburn

Montopolis is an ambient classical group from Austin, Texas that performs the works of composer Justin Sherburn. Their EP “Monolith” is first in a series of recordings to be released in 2016 inspired by the central Texas landmark known as Enchanted Rock. Montopolis performances have been called “stunning and “transcendent” by the Austin Chronicle. Their programs are audience-engaging, multi-media events that combine musical performance with film, photography, animation, and sometimes academic lectures on esoteric topics.

Belle Redux
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Features: Graham Reynolds

Music from Ballet Austin’s Belle Redux/ A Tale of Beauty & the Beast. Graham Reynolds is Called “the quintessential modern composer” by the London Independent, Austin-based composer/bandleader Graham Reynolds creates, performs and records music for film, theater, dance, rock clubs and concert halls with collaborators ranging from Richard Linklater and Jack Black to DJ Spooky and Ballet Austin.

Start and End Dates



Austin, Texas

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Last update on August 18, 2017

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August 9, 2017 | Austin, TX
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Project Created By

Austin, Texas
With a knack for surprise, combined with an affection for hospitality, Jennifer Sherburn, Artistic Director and Choreographer, brings the idea of ‘unequaled service’ to all of her works. The result? Experiential performances that expand notions of stage and staging, forge communities through artist and business owner collaborations, and call forth the latent, otherworldly spirit of…

In Collaboration With

Austin, Texas
Co-Producer/ Lighting Designer


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