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Emerging Artist Residencies

Choreographers and composers develop and workshop new collaborative work


In addition to creating and performing our own artistic work, Periapsis Music and Dance has developed a number of programs to serve the artistic community working at the intersection of dance and music performance.

This annual program, begun in June 2017, offers emerging choreographers and composers in the New York City area an unprecedented opportunity to create collaborative work on an experienced company of dancers and musicians, workshop it under the guidance of a guest teacher, and perform the new work for an audience. To our knowledge, nothing like this exists in New York City.


The program will take place over two weeks in May 2019 at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Participating composers and choreographers will be selected through an open application process during February/March 2019, chosen by a panel to include our artistic director and 3-4 other experienced artists (choreographers and composers). It is free to apply, and selected artists receive a small stipend.

Preexisting duos may apply, but otherwise choreographers and composers are paired by the panel. Applicants are evaluated on artistic excellence and potential to thrive in a highly collaborative environment. An additional consideration will be how applicants would mesh with and challenge our ensemble, technically and stylistically, based on work samples. We expect to select two choreographers and two composers out of several dozen applicants.

The first week of the program consists of a rehearsal process during which the artists create and set the work on our resident company of dancers and musicians (in 2018 our company was augmented by some NYU students as well). The second week continues the rehearsal process but also includes a visit from a distinguished guest teacher to offer feedback on the works-in-progress and a culminating studio showing, during which the guest teacher offers more public feedback and leads a talkback with the audience. Previous guest teachers have been Janis Brenner and Tiffany Rea Fisher.

Periapsis Music and Dance may also choose one or more of the works to be expanded into repertoire for the company and a future full production—in the past, one work from each year was selected for production.


The opportunity for choreographers and composers to work closely together in a collaborative setting is very rare for emerging artists in the professional field, and to be able to create and workshop new work on a company accustomed to such collaborations is almost unheard of. We’re pleased to provide such an opportunity, further fostering the development of a new collaborative repertoire within a spirit of artistic experimentation and innovation. By making the final performance open to the public, we believe we can further the dialogue among our fellow artists and the greater dance and music audiences about the possibilities inherent in interdisciplinary collaboration and increase access to new, innovative work.

Project Media

Behind the scenes of “Sinking”
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Because this project is mostly about collaborative process and discovery, rather than finished product, we thought we’d share a behind-the-scenes video (made to promote our May 2018 shows) in which choreographer Wendell Gray II and composer Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti speak a bit about their process working together during our 2017 Emerging Artist Residencies. Their work “Sinking” was developed during these residencies and subsequently staged in full in May 2018.

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Periapsis Music and Dance believes in the artists of today and the body of work that they are creating.  The extraordinary choreographers and composers of our time have the vision, voice, and skill to create collaborative works of intrinsic artistic value worthy of performance, study, and preservation.  Our mission is to cultivate this new concert repertoire…

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