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ENSEMBLE IPSE – New Commissions

ENSEMBLE IPSE commissions new works from acclaimed composers Miguel Frasconi and Larry Polansky


ENSEMBLE IPSE, a newly formed pierrot sextet in NYC, is delighted to be commissioning acclaimed composers Miguel Frasconi and Larry Polansky to compose extended original pieces and make arrangements of recent works for its inaugural season starting in September 2016.

Both Miguel and Larry had a strong connection and continually draw inspiration from American maverick Lou Harrison, whose gorgeous and unique music has influenced generations of composers. In addition to his original work, Miguel Frasconi will arrange some of Harrison’s work (his just-intonation and non-pitched works, such as “Suite for Percussion”) for IPSE to perform on traditional classical instruments. This involves a deep understanding of Harrison’s harmonic and timbral language, and we are thrilled to have Miguel make these arrangements for us.

Our performers (listed below) are among the most widely respected and sought after interpreters of contemporary music in NYC:

Margaret Lancaster, flutes
Christa Van Alstine, clarinets
Esther Noh, violin
John Popham
, cello
Stephen Gosling
, piano
Matt Ward
, percussion

Co-directors, Joseph Di Ponio and Max Giteck Duykers, are internationally recognized composers who have received commissions from ensembles such as Yarn/Wire, The Lost Dog New Music Ensemble, The Glass Farm Ensemble, the Le Ville Matte residency, Third Angle New Music, The Oakland Youth Orchestra, the Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra, numerous individual performers, and organizations such as New Music USA and the Jerome Foundation. Both Joseph and Max received their Ph.D’s in Music Composition from Stony Brook University.

ENSEMBLE IPSE was formed with a desire to build upon collaborations that have been developing over the last several years between its members.  IPSE’s mission is to find common threads in works whose stylistic profiles appear, on the surface, as divergent. The group will present recent music that transcends aesthetic categorization and strive to create a forum for composers on the edges of the mainstream of contemporary music. To this end, IPSE will commission and perform pieces that fall outside the practical confines of traditional concert resources, including works of long duration, multidisciplinary projects, collaboratively composed pieces, and pieces with unusual or non-standard instrumentation.

Miguel Frasconi‘s and Larry Polansky‘s new works and arrangements will become part of IPSE’s regular repertory, as we hope to help these composers and their aesthetics gain the recognition they deserve. Our first concert is planned for September 23rd, 2016 at Tenri Cultural Institute in NYC.  This is a beautiful and easily accessible venue which has a long history of presenting exciting new music.  Our second and third concerts are planned for February and  June 2017, also at Tenri.  We will have talkbacks after each of our concerts with our commissioned composers so that our audiences can get to know them and their creative process in more detail.



Project Media

Larry Polansky – 10 Strings (9 Events), performed by Andie Springer & James Moore
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Features: Larry Polansky

New World Records writes “[Polansky’s] music is one of the most successful, and rare, examples of a confluence between two, generally conflicting, twentieth-century musical streams.” We see these steams in this sample – the driving rock-like rhythms with the other-worldly spaciousness integrated as mysterious meta-layers. This vision of blending aesthetics to create a new mode of expression is very much in line with IPSE’s mission.

Ear Heart Music, 9/26/12: James Moore & Andie Springer perform, with visual art by Kevork Mourad

Miguel Frasconi Soundpool @ INTAR
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Features: Miguel Frasconi

In addition to (or often blended with) his chamber works, Miguel Frasconi uses a menagerie of glass objects to create music from a uniquely imagined tradition. His glass instruments are struck, blown, stroked and otherwise coaxed into vibration. He has also extensively used electronics to achieve the same nuances.

Miguel’s work is starkly beautiful and completely original, qualities which are in line with IPSE’s mission.

Miguel Frasconi, solo glass, INTAR Theater, NYC, March 8, 2011.
New Music Tuesdays curated by Cristian Amigo.

Max Giteck Duykers – “Dark Body” composed for members of ENSEMBLE IPSE
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“Dark Body” takes the form of several stylistically diverse episodes which explore visceral experiences, and portrays the seeming discontinuity as we switch between them.

The piece is emblematic of IPSE’s mission: to find common threads in aesthetics which appear divergent, and to present them in a surprising and confronting form. The piece shows the exceptional musicianship and chemistry of IPSE’s performers that they have developed through years of collaboration.

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Ensemble Ipse is a contemporary music ensemble based in New York City. Our performers (listed below) are among the most widely respected and sought after interpreters of contemporary music in NYC: Margaret Lancaster, flutesChrista Van Alstine, clarinets Esther Noh, violin Stephanie Griffin, violaMatt Ward, percussionGeoffrey Burleson, pianoBenjamin Grow, conductor  Now in its fourth season, Ensemble…

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