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Filigree in Textile

JACK Quartet records colorful and ornate music written for them by Hannah Lash alongside the composer on harp.

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JACK Quartet: Filigree – Music of Hannah Lash

Posted on July 8, 2019 by JACK Quartet

release date: july 12, 2019

JACK Quartet is delighted to announce that their new recording, “Filigree – Music of Hannah Lash” will be released by New Focus Recordings on July 12, 2019. The recording will be available on Amazon, iTunes, BandCamp, ArkivMusic, and directly from New Focus Recordings. Listen to an excerpt of the recording now on SoundCloud. 


The JACK Quartet and Hannah Lash have a richly productive relationship that has stood the test of time. JACK’s founding members and Hannah are all graduates of the Eastman School of Music, where they met and forged our continuing relationship. It’s a musical friendship and artistic journey that we’ve shared together through several premieres that grew naturally into recording this album of her works written for us.

The recording includes three string quartets: Frayed (9 minutes), Suite: Remembered and Imagined (30 minutes), and Pulse­-space (10 minutes). Additionally, the album includes Filigree in Textile for string quartet and harp (24 minutes) with Hannah playing the incredibly virtuosic harp part. The quintet was commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for JACK and harpist Yolanda Kondonassis.

Hannah is a one-of-a-kind harpist. Playing and recording with her in Filigree in Textile is an exhilarating and illuminating way to explore and represent her compositional personality and identity on this record. Her music delves deep into intricacy and detail, and its structure is paramount. When Hannah talks or writes about her music, it is those architectural matters that illuminate the landscape of her pieces. However, just as important to her musical language is the performer’s role in the music, the expressive act of live performance, and what it means to breathe life and expression into music.

The depth of interpersonal and musical relationship between JACK and Hannah have led to this album. We’ve already completed the studio sessions and are very proud of the initial results. We look forward to this album catapulting our relationship into its next stages.

We began recording this album in the summer of 2016 and completed the studio sessions in the fall of 2017. All recording sessions were held at Oktaven Audio with Ryan Streber serving as producer. Editing, mixing, and mastering will continue through the winter, leading us to a fall 2018 album release on New Focus Records.

Project Media

Hannah Lash, Pulse-space, performed by JACK Quartet
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Written for Guggenheim Works & Process, choreographed by Pam Tanowitz, and premiered by the FLUX Quartet, Pulse-space is driven by heart-on-your-sleeve ensemble playing from beginning to end.

Hannah lash, Frayed, performed by JACK Quartet
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Written for and premiered by the JACK Quartet at the Look and Listen Festival, NYC in 2010, Frayed emerges from a hushed and intimate, yet emotionally charged landscape. Beautifully muted harmonies give way to a startling interruption which yields a search for more placid fields to roam. The New York Times called the piece “…striking and innovative….you hoped to hear it again…”

Hannah Lash, Filigree in Textile movement 1, performed by JACK Quartet and Hannah Lash
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Written for and premiered by the JACK Quartet and Yolanda Kondonassis at Miller Theatre in 2011, Filigree in Textile weaves melodies into a rich canonic texture. I Care If You Listen called the piece “…lively and interesting, with rapid major-to-minor shifts, creating a wonderful restlessness.”

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