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Frantic Beauty

Frantic Beauty

The third chapter in Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya's BECOMING SERIES, with an original score by the Emmy-Award winner Jeff Beal.

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Frantic Beauty is an evening length performance and the third chapter in the BECOMING SERIES. The piece is conceived, designed, and directed by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya and created in collaboration with Emmy Award winning composer Jeff Beal, and featuring the LEIMAY Ensemble. The BECOMING SERIES is a succession of multi-disciplinary works set in empty stages utilizing dance, theater, video and live music to create minimalistic yet immersive environments. The five-chapter series deals with matter’s constant state of becoming through growth and decay, beginnings and endings.

In Frantic Beauty, the artists reflect on the nature of beauty, how it is understood, and how this understanding affects society. Frantic Beauty is a performance by a 5 dancer ensemble on a bare stage, lit solely by 8 video projectors, and featuring a score comprised of live and recorded music. The performers fluctuate between virtuosic physicality and quiet stillness: they throw their bodies through the air, they collide, and they fall while also giving way to still moments, their bodies temporarily becoming otherworldly creature and character-archetypes of contemporary individuals. They become material and human simultaneously. Through the ever-evolving video projections, the stage oscillates between rhythmic, textured landscapes and fractured layers of light sweeping through the space and uncovering the performers.

The music of Frantic Beauty is about desire, an inborn hunger for a communion and balance, paired with the mania that can threaten to consume a psyche chasing the same.  The purest beauty cannot be owned, reduced, or completely understood; it just is.  The score is conceived in episodic, mini-narratives which contrast still, and peaceful movements, with more agitated chapters.  The co-existence of these two states in the score eventually comes together, as the tension of the two extremes seeks it’s own level and sense of balance.

Frantic Beauty, like the two previous chapters in the BECOMING SERIES, is developed over a one-year creative process. Rehearsals take place four times per week, with four one-week intensive periods taking place in one year. The choreography, video design, and score are created in person in the studio, through a process of trial and error, and in response to each other and to the questions of the piece. The creative team is Japanese, Colombian, and North American, and the cultural differences and exchanges create a crucial element of the piece. We welcome tension and individual viewpoints. Through the process, the artists take decisions based on what the piece calls for, favoring this need over individual wants or desires.

September 14-17, 2017: 4-performance premiere run at BAM's Judith and Alan Fishman Theater (BAM Fisher)


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