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Girl Gods

Girl Gods explores the idea of women and rage, and involves dance, visual installation, music and video in performance.

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Photo Credit for Image: Performer/Sruti Desai. Photo Courtesy of Marina Levitskaya, Montclair State University’s ‘Peak Performances’

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Pat Graney



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Girl Gods Premiere

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Pat Graney

Girl Gods premiered at On the Boards in Seattle, WA, October 1-4, 2015.  The performances sold out and the feedback was very positive!

We had 2 weeks downtime before we went to perform the East Coast premiere at Montclair State’s ‘Peak Performances’ October 22-25, 2015.

Our next tour will take us to San Diego State U in October (21), 2016, then on to Miami Light Project November 17-19, 2016.

Following Miami Light Project, Girl Gods will go to the Kochi Biennale in India Jan-Mar of 2018.  This work will be an installation with performance, and will also include video interviews of women in the Kochi area talking about Gender-Based Violence.  The videos will be embedded in the original wall that is 16 ft high and 60 feet long. 

Creation: Pat Graney

Music: Amy Denio

Architectural Design: Holly Batt

Costumes: Frances Kenny

Lighting: Amiya Brown


Girl Gods explores the ancestry of women, individuals and family – and the idea of rage. The work will be a full-evening performance as well as a fully developed visual installation with performative elements. For the Seattle premiere in 2015, On the Boards will present the stage premiere of performance with elements of the installation, and the Frye Art Museum will present the Visual Installation with performative elements (live performance & video). The work will premiere at On The Boards in Seattle, WA, then travel to Montclair State, and will go to UC San Diego and Miami Light Project in the Fall of 2016. Five Performers, 1 Director/Creator, 1 Video Artist, 1 Composer, 1 Architect.


This work, Girl Gods, has strong connections to feminist artists and art practices of the 1970s, influenced by installation projects of Judy Chicago

and the earth-body work of Ana Mendieta. My previous work, House of Mind, existed as performances within installations that were created collaboratively with community members. This way of working is central to my artistic practice, touching on the communal, the ritual, the social and the relational. I think of Girl Gods as the “basement” to House of Mind and I think it is accurate to say that I am exploring the point at which the domestic realm drives down into the earth. In it, I hope to tap into the molten force of rage with a physical language that gives expression to the undomesticated, the buried and the repressed…


Project Media

House of Mind
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House of Mind is a performance installation work about memory: its accumulation and dissolution. Built out 5000 sq ft warehouse into a house with rooms, featuring an 18ft x 12ft wall containing 4000 miniatures, Button wall made of over 100,000 abalone buttons with water running over it. Large scale video/Isadora installation. Creator, Performers, Composer, Architect the same as Girl Gods (current proposal). Performed in Seattle, Houston and John Michael Kohler Art Center (6 months).

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Features: Amy Denio

Composer Amy Denio did the entire score for this hour long work (TATTOO), which toured to 10 US cities as well as abroad. You can fast forward to any part of this work to listen to the sound track. One place is 5:46, and there are many others, as there are many sections of dance in this work. The only section that Ms. Denio did not compose is the part at the end with the sand falling. That section is by Ellen Fullman.

I am having problems uploading the mp3 files for some reason, so I chose this work sample for Amy Denio’s work.

Start and End Dates



Seattle, Washington

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Last update on February 2, 2016

Project Created By

Seattle, Washington
  The Pat Graney Company, incorporated in 1990, has toured to most major American cities as well as internationally to Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, Singapore, Chile and Brazil. Seattle-based choreographer Graney received numerous Choreography Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as from Artist Trust, the Washington State Arts Commission, the NEA…

In Collaboration With

Seattle, Washington
Architectural Designer
Lighting Designer
Seattle, Washington


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