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Hollow Square

Samuel Pott and Tim Eriksen explore the spiritual threads which emanate through communal sound and movement-making.


Hollow Square references the choral arrangement of a Shape Note chorus: four vocal ranges (Treble, Alto, Tenor, Bass) arranged in an inward facing square; with a space in the middle for the song leader who emerges from the chorus on a rotating basis and who may be young or old, experienced or not. Deliberately communal and democratic in its structure; and yet specifically designed to give space for deep spiritual connection between people, the Hollow Square is energized through repetition, concentration of bodies in space, diversity, and the vibrations of human voice resonating.

In this new work, dancers construct a ‘Hollow Square’, where facade and artifice are stripped away and the invisible world of spiritual connection is made manifest within the otherworldly space of Tim Eriksen’s sounds. To fill a human need for deep interpersonal connection, 18th century inhabitants of Massachusetts’ developed Shape Note choral singing, one of America’s oldest art forms, with roots from Europe, Africa and the Americas. Today people crave this same communal, humanistic connection, only partially satiated by digitized or transactional relationships. ‘Hollow Square’ positions the dancers as intrepid leaders, willing to explore and embody the simple yet elusive precept: by disarming oneself – fears, ambitions, insecurities – and opening to others, we uncover the deep bonds that always exist beneath the surface.

Tim Eriksen composes new music for this 20 minutes new work. Samuel Pott choreographs on a cast of 8 dancers.

‘Hollow Square’ will be performed in a preview, in-process showing at the Michael S. Currier Center at the Putney School, Putney, VT, at the culmination of a weeklong residency, February 25-March 2; at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, NJ, on March 29; and at BAM Fisher, NYC, April 26-28. Subsequent performances will be ongoing as ‘Hollow Square’ enters the active repertory of Nimbus Dance.


Project Media

Patch of Turf
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Features: Nimbus Dance

Samuel Pott’s 2016 ‘Patch of Turf’ was created in collaboration with composer Qasim Naqvi with music performed by NOW Ensemble (supported by New Music USA). Patch of Turf explores Man/Womankind’s relationships in a diminishing natural environment. Performed by four virtuosic female performers, the work centers on a 12×12 square of artificial grass as prop, costume, set piece, and metaphor for the natural world. The work builds an intense, abstract, narrative about estrangement from nature and insatiable drives for dominance and survival.

Every Sound Below
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Features: Tim Eriksen

Meditative and trance-inducing, Tim Eriksen’s “Every Sound Below” evokes a sensation of deep connection between listener and their own past. Eriksen’s voice drips with meaning, shedding layers off of Truths, both personal and universal, culminating with his skilled use of throat singing, ringing out in stark contrast to the rhythmic drone of his guitar. This song represents Eriksen’s uncanny ability to meld voice, musicality and the abstraction of sound to open a heightened space for the spiritual to emerge.

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Brooklyn, New York

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Jersey City, New Jersey
Nimbus Dance bridges the gap between world-class performances and community engagement by presenting work that challenge, speaks to, and elevates the core beliefs of its diverse audience. Founded in 2005 by Samuel Pott and based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Nimbus has been at the forefront of excellence in the arts, civic engagement, and equitable…

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