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I, A.M. – Artist Mother Project

Olivia De Prato records new works for solo violin and electronics by American women composers who's source of inspiration is Motherhood.


Olivia De Prato records and releases new solo compositions and improvisations by American women artists.

Compositions by Olivia De Prato, Jen Baker, Zosha Di Castri, Natasha Diels, Ha-Yang Kim, Pamelia Stickney and Katie Young.

Guest performers: Pamelia Stickney, theremin; Jen Baker, trombone; Ha-Yang Kim, cello

The inspiration and theme for these seven new compositions and improvisations is “Artist and Mother.” The perennial question of whether a woman can be both an artist and a mother has been on my mind for a few years, having started a family myself in 2016. Important as it is, this topic is not often discussed in modern society, especially not in the frenetic environment of New York City.
 How did this life-changing experience influence our artistic vision and creativity? How do we fit into a society that still believes women must choose between family and art?

The women I’ve chosen to collaborate with for this recording have committed to be dedicated mothers while still pursuing their goals and dreams in music and art. Each artist will be interviewed about this topic and their reactions will make up the liner notes for the album. The music will stand alone on its own merits but will invite listeners to examine the practical realities and societal position of the artist-mother.

This project will highlight the rich and diverse talent of each artist while giving us a platform to discuss how the challenges and benefits of motherhood shape our artistic endeavors.

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience, a constant roller-coster of emotions. Parenthood is about learning to adapt – opening yourself up to learning new things, seeing new perspectives, and watching and encouraging a new person to grow and explore the world. This practice is in reality deeply aligned with making art. One takes what comes moment to moment.

Hopefully this project will inspire other young artists to embrace both career and family, seeing that people are now finding ways to make both work. Having a child can in fact enrich and transform your creative life.

Project Media

Vespers for Violin by Missy Mazzoli

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Features: Olivia De Prato

Vespers for Violin by Missy Mazzoli from the 2018 solo debut album “Streya”. Released on New Focus Recording.
This track was nominated for a Grammy 2018.

Tanz Tanz by Reiko Füting
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Features: Olivia De Prato

Tanz Tanz by Reiko Füting from the 2018 solo debut album “Streya”. Released on New Focus Recording.

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Brooklyn, New York

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Brooklyn, New York
Internationally recognized as a soloist as well as a chamber musician, Austro-Italian violinist Olivia De Prato  has established herself as a passionate performer of contemporary and improvised music, breaking boundaries of the traditional violin repertoire and regularly performs in Europe, South America, China and the United States. De Prato is the co-founder and first violinist of the…

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New York, New York
Boston, Massachusetts


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