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Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a multimedia dance theatre piece that captures the complex and conflicting experience of our threatened identity.

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Identity Theft Short Excerpts from SPF 10

Posted on August 4, 2017 by Linda Bouchard

I'm sorry, this media seems to be unavailable.

A longer video with a better audio will be uploaded shortly!

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Photos taken during the Performance

Posted on July 23, 2017 by Linda Bouchard

Here are a few photos of the performance taken on July 6th, 2017.   A video will be posted soon!

Review from KQED

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Linda Bouchard

This is what Carla Escoda wrote about our piece on KQED Arts: “Another highlight of the first weekend of SPF 10 was Identity Theft by Linda Bouchard Multimedia Works… It’s a hallucinatory distillation of the real-life experiences of dancer-choreographer Aisan Hoss…On the floor with Hoss were oboist Kyle Bruckmann, cameraman-actor James Fusco, composer-director Linda Bouchard and technical director David Coll. Together they spun a haunting web of sound and video imagery. Hoss wrestled expressively with thick ropes, clanking chains and a wrought iron bird cage, while surveillance-style video footage of her was projected onto the forbidding walls of the Annex. Hoss was mesmerizing …”

Premiere last night at Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Linda Bouchard

We had an enthusiastic crowd yesterday for the premiere of Identity Theft.  After all the work we’ve put into the piece, it was a real pleasure to perform it. One more night: Saturday July 8th!


Identity Theft is a dance theatre performance conceived for one dancer, one actor-cameraman, one musician, live video, and live electronics.

Identity Theft started during the summer of 2016, was presented publicly as a work-in-progress on August 17-18, with a Q&A period after each performance.  The composer directed the piece, the music and designed the live video with three remarkable collaborators: Aisan Hoss, choreography and dance; Kyle Bruckmann, oboe and English horn and David Coll, technical director and actor/cameraman.

The words “identity theft” conjure the rational fear of our online identities being stolen. As the work developed, “identity theft” appeared to be also about the fragility of our personal and communal connection to the global village and the tremendous pressure our inner topography is under in the current moment. These themes are intimately tied to the experience of one of our collaborators, Aisan Hoss, an Iranian who left her country to achieve her dream of being a dancer, this became a powerful thread for our creative team to follow in the development of the work, allowing us to consider the figurative aspect of identity theft provoked by displacement and the cultural and political pressures one encounters at home and in a departure. Ultimately, the personal becomes universal. Hoss’s story emphasizes the fragility of our sense of cultural identity. In this manner, Identity Theft explores the fluid and threatened connections we have in relation to our own identity, our communities, and our sense of belonging in a rapidly changing world.

We have created new scenes that are directly related to the literal meaning of “identity theft” and integrated the scenes created last summer into a dance theatre performance that is ready to go on tour.

Identity Theft is scheduled to be premiered at the Joe Goode Annex (July 6 and 8th, 2017) during the Safe House ARTS Festival (SFP10).  We have invited a new member to the creative team:  James Fusco will fill the role of actor/cameraman while David Coll will continue to fulfill the precious role of Technical Director.

A performance at the MILKBar, Richmond for Sept. 2017. We are actively seeking a producer/manager for a tour.

Creative Team

Aisan Hoss is a dancer and choreographer from Tehran, Iran. Hoss attended a study-abroad English language program in London where she first encountered contemporary dance. After graduating, she moved to London to pursue contemporary dance as her career at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance in London. She pursued her MFA in Dance and Choreography at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

Kyle Bruckmann is based in Oakland. A composer-performer Kyle Bruckmann’s work extends from a classical foundation into gray areas encompassing free jazz, electronic music, and post-punk rock.

David Coll is a composer of concert music, installation art, and interdisciplinary projects that engage physical presence with technology to create works of dramatic, introspective, and often playful effect. He is based in Berkeley, CA.

James Fusco is  a curious teenager, who plays bass in a jazz band and helped create a recording Studio called 4th Ave Recordings. 




Project Media

Identity Theft Excerpt from workshop presentation
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Short excerpt from the August 2016 of the Resident Artist Workshop (RAW) at SAFEhouse Arts. Developed over eight rehearsals with the same team of collaborators who will complete the work. During this incubation phase we chose to go deep and focused on the literal sense of identity: when we are denied our identity through social pressure or displacement. We created an introduction and three distinct scenes we are proud of.

Identity Theft excerpt Layered treatment
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Mark McBeth Projects, who shot the archival videos from the performances at SafeHouseArts, created a short layered video combining both evenings.
This video gives a feeling for the multilayered experience of the live performance.

Identity Theft Audio excerpt
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This is a recording from the live performance at SafeHOUSEArts.
Live oboe with electronics and live audio processing plus the sounds of the chains amplified.

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San Francisco, California

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Last update on August 4, 2017

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San Francisco, California
Linda Bouchard is a composer, arranger, conductor and producer. The French Canadian lived in Montréal until 1978 and then went to study composition with Henry Brant at Bennington College. She will keep a close contact with her mentor until his death in 2008. She did her graduate studies at the Manhattan School of Music in…

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Dancer Choreographer
Oakland, California
Technical Director
Oakland, California


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