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Infoxication: An Interdisciplinary Performance Inspired by the Information Age

Merging dance, live art, projections and music, Infoxication explores the ways in which technology has encroached upon our daily lives.

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Infoxication Update #1: New collaborators and partners

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Danielle Eva Schwob

Infoxication UpDate #1

The Infoxication team is pleased to announce the addition of PUBLIQuartet to the project! Dubbed “independent-minded” by The New York Times, the quartet is committed to supporting emerging composers of all genres, and has performed in a diverse range of venues from Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall to the Detroit Institute of Arts, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola and Newport Jazz Festival.  They were also the 2016-2017 Quartet-in-Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Check out a live performance video here or visit publiquartet.com to learn and hear more.
We are also excited to announce that our show has received additional financial support from Spring Place. Affiliated with world-renowned creative agency and production house Spring Studios, Spring Place is a collaborative workspace and membership club connecting work, leisure, and entertainment for the community of global professionals and entrepreneurs in the business of shaping contemporary culture. We are thrilled to be partnered with such a unique organization and look forward to working with their production team throughout the development process. For more information about Spring Place please check out their website at springplace.com, or click here, here, and here to see some of the spaces in which we’ll be hosting the premiere.
Lastly, we’d like to announce that the premiere of this performance will now take place at Spring Place’s TriBeCa location in Spring 2018. More details coming soon.
We greatly appreciate the support of New Music USA and look forward to sharing further developments over the coming months!



Infoxication: the ‘intoxicated’ mental state and sense of exhaustion a person experiences when exposed to more information than he or she can process.

Inspired by the information overload that defines the digital era, curator Roya Sachs, harpist Ashley Jackson and composer Danielle Eva Schwob present Infoxication: a continuous three-part 40-minute performance that probes the way in which technology has encroached upon our daily lives.


Roya Sachs (curator, producer), Danielle Eva Schwob (composer, producer), Ashley Jackson (harpist, producer), Heather Hansen (performance artist), PUBLIQuartet (performers), SYZYGY New Music (presenter) and more.


  • Part One: Waking. Evoking the characteristically millennial habit of waking up and reaching for a Smartphone, Waking simulates a slow emergence from peaceful sleep into the detached digital world. Four dancers reacting with live electronic harp by Ashley Jackson and cello by Amanda Gookin will accompany audiences through a meander in and out of the unconscious, as reality begins to prevail. 
  • Part Two: Working & Wanting. Working depicts the onslaught of noise and social isolation that are byproducts of working continually on computers. The dancers begin the second act of the performance by rhythmically typing on bright laptops, mimicking the repetitive nature of our daily routines. Wanting examines the false sense of immediacy, faux intimacy and social anxiety associated with online dating. As the mental exhaustion of Working takes its toll, we notice each dancer’s attempt to connect with one another amidst a detached physical landscape.  PUBLIQuartet accompanies with a neo-romantic yet minimalist string quartet score. 
  • Part Three: Withdrawing. As the world becomes ever more tech-centric and our lives increasingly dependent on email, social networks and media consumption, our need to unplug, reflect and reconnect with our own physicality deepens. Visual artist Heather Hansen creates work that embodies the antithesis of our frenetic and incorporeal world, forming delicate images by using only the movement of her body and chalk to draw onto a canvas on the floor. By inviting audience members to escape the frenzy, a raw stream of light will spotlight Heather Hansen’s performance whilst accompanied by an ethereal cello solo composed by Danielle Schwob. 

Project Media

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Features: Roya Sachs

“VOID” was a one-night-only performance in May 2015, joining dancers Sean Suozzi and Claire Kretzschmar from the New York City Ballet and an interactive sensory art installation by Jordan Backhus. The performance, curated by Roya Sachs and choreographed by Troy Schumacher, looked at the theme of courtship in early dance forms that will take the viewer on a journey from past to present, invoking the modernization of courtship, and the suspense that is driven through this evolution.

Heather Hansen Live at Ochi Gallery
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While Heather Hansen is a featured performer for only the final movement of Infoxication rather than a core member of the creative team, we thought we should include a sample of her extraordinary and entirely unique work. This is both because it is difficult to describe verbally and because to us it represents the thematic culmination of our show. This performance took place at Ochi Gallery and is indicative of the kind of work that we intend to incorporate into Infoxication.

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New York, New York

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Last update on November 29, 2017

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Originally from London but based in New York, Danielle Eva Schwob is a “notable cross-genre composer” (The New Yorker) and “worldly musical chameleon” (TimeOut) with “deep roots in rock music” (NY Times) who writes concert music, avant-garde pop and film scores. Her work has been featured at venues including Lincoln Center, Le Poisson Rouge and…

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Curator, Producer
New York, New York
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New York, New York
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